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カン/KAN/    か.える/ka.eru/    -か.える/-ka.eru/    か.わる/ka.waru/KAN/カン/    ka.eru/か.える/    -ka.eru/-か.える/    ka.waru/か.わる/

interchange;  period;  change;  convert;  replace;  renew Frenchéchanger;  remplacer;  convertir;  change Portuguesetrocar;  turno;  carga;  mudar Spanishcambio;  intercambio;  intercambiar;  sustituir;  reemplazar;  ser intercambiado;  ser convertido

Radical: (hand).   Strokes: 12画.   Elements: 大儿冂勹扌.   Variants: .   Pinyin: huàn.   Hangul:  [hwan].

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N2.

Example compounds:
カンKANこうかんしゅkōkanshu】operator (e.g. telephone)
条件こうかんじょうけんkōkanjōken】bargaining point
かんきんkankin】realize; realise; turn into money
えるkaeru置きえるおきかえるokikaeru】to replace; to move; to change the position of
引きえるひきかえるhikikaeru】to exchange (things); to convert; to reverse
差しえるさしかえるsashikaeru】to change; to replace
わるkawaruわるかわるkawaru】to succeed; to take the place of; to be exchanged
置きわるおきかわるokikawaru】to be rearranged or transposed
Codepoints and classification codes:
20-25JIS X 0208
5703.4Four Corner
1363De Roo
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