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アン/AN/    くら.い/kura.i/    くら.む/    くれ.る/アン/    kura.i/くら.い/くら.む/くれ.る/

darkness;  disappear;  shade;  informal;  grow dark;  be blinded Frenchobscurité;  disparaître;  ombre;  informel;  s'assombrir;  être aveuglé Portugueseescuridão;  desaparecer;  sombra;  informal;  escurecer;  cegar Spanishoscuro;  poco claro;  memorizar;  sombrío

Radical: (sun).   Strokes: 13画.   Elements: 音日立.   Pinyin: àn.   Hangul:  [am].

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
アンANあんざんanzan】mental arithmetic
あんやan'ya】dark night
あんやくan'yaku】secret manoeuvering; secret maneuvering; secret manoeuvres; secret maneuvers
くらkuraiくらいkurai】dark; dark (in colour); depressed; sorrowful; unclear
昼猶ひるなおくらいhirunaokurai】dark even in the daytime
い過去くらいかこkuraikako】shadowy past
くらkuramuくらむkuramu】to be dazzled by; to be lost in (greed, lust, etc.); to become dark
Codepoints and classification codes:
16-37JIS X 0208
6006.1Four Corner
3878De Roo
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