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ユウ//    /U/    あ.る/ユウ/    U//あ.る/

possess;  have;  exist;  happen;  occur;  approx Frenchposséder;  avoir;  être;  arriver (se passer) Portuguesepossuir;  ter;  existir;  acontecer;  ocorrer;  aproximadamente;  haver Spanishexistir;  poseer;  tener;  ser

Radical: (moon).   Strokes: 6画.   Elements: ノ一月.   Pinyin: yǒu / yòu.   Hangul:  [yu].   Nanori:  / あら / あり / ある / くに / なお / a / ara / ari / aru / kuni / nao / yu.

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N4.

Example compounds:
ユウ機化合物ゆうきかごうぶつyūkikagōbutsu】organic compound
引力ばんゆういんりょくban'yūinryoku】universal gravitation
斐閣ゆうひかくyūhikaku】Yuuhikaku (law book publisher)
U引力ばんゆういんりょくban'yūinryoku】universal gravitation
そんゆうson'yū】village-owned; village property
aruあるaru】to be (usu. of inanimate objects); to have; to be located; to be equipped with; to happen
恩がおんがあるongāru】to be in one's debt
Codepoints and classification codes:
45-13JIS X 0208
4022.7Four Corner
1446De Roo
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