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/SHI/    と.まる/to.maru/    -ど.まり/-do.mari/    と.める/to.meru/    -と.める/-to.meru/    -ど.め/    とど.める/todo.meru/    とど.め/    とど.まる/todo.maru/    や.める/ya.meru/    や.む/    -や.む/    よ.す/    -さ.す/    -さ.し/-sa.shi/SHI//    to.maru/と.まる/    -do.mari/-ど.まり/    to.meru/と.める/    -to.meru/-と.める/ど.め/    todo.meru/とど.める/とど.め/    todo.maru/とど.まる/    ya.meru/や.める/や.む/や.む/よ.す/さ.す/    -sa.shi/-さ.し/

stop;  halt Frencharrêter;  cesser Portugueseparada Spanishparar;  cesar;  dejar de hacer;  detenerse;  pararse;  detener

Radical: (stop).   Strokes: 4画.   Pinyin: zhǐ.   Hangul:  [ji].   Nanori: どめdome.

Jōyō Kanji 2nd Grade.   JLPT N4.

Example compounds:
しけつshiketsu】stop bleeding; hemostasis; haemostasis
小休しょうきゅうしshōkyūshi】a break or breather
まるtomaruまるとまるtomaru】to stop (moving); to stop (doing, working, being supplied); to alight
目にまるめにとまるmenitomaru】to catch one's attention
駅にまるえきにとまるekinitomaru】to stop at a (train) station
めるtomeru呼びめるよびとめるyobitomeru】to challenge; to call somebody to halt
突きめるつきとめるtsukitomeru】to determine (esp. a culprit or underlying cause); to pin down; to make sure; to locate; to identify; to find out; to ascertain
消しめるけしとめるkeshitomeru】to put out; to extinguish
とどめるtodomeruめるとどめるtodomeru】to stop; to contain; to record (e.g. a fact)
押しめるおしとどめるoshitodomeru】to check; to stop; to keep back
とどtodomeめるとどめるtodomeru】to stop; to contain; to record (e.g. a fact)
とどめtodome】finishing blow; clincher
めを刺すとどめをさすtodomewosasu】to finish off; to put an end to; to be the best for A
とどまるtodomaru思いまるおもいとどまるomoitodomaru】to give up (a plan or idea); to desist from (doing)
まるとどまるtodomaru】to remain; to be limited to
踏みまるふみとどまるfumitodomaru】to stay on; to stop (doing)
めるyameruめるやめるyameru】to stop; to cancel
取りめるとりやめるtoriyameru】to cancel; to call off
言掛けてめるいいかけてやめるiikaketeyameru】to stop in the middle of a sentence
yamuむを得ないやむをえないyamuwoenai】cannot be helped; unavoidable
やむyamu】to cease; to stop; to be over
むを得ずやむをえずyamuwoezu】unavoidably; inevitably; necessarily; reluctantly; against one's will
yosuよすyosu】to cease; to desist; to cut it out; to lay off (an activity); to drop (a subject) to abolish; to resign; to give up
Codepoints and classification codes:
27-63JIS X 0208
2110.0Four Corner
1273De Roo
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