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キュウ/KYŪ/    /GU/    もと.める/moto.meru/KYUU/キュウ/    GU//    moto.meru/もと.める/

request;  want;  wish for;  require;  demand Frenchréclamer;  demander;  vouloir;  désirer Portuguesesolicitação;  desejar;  deseja para;  requer;  demanda Spanishpetición;  demanda;  buscar;  pedir;  demandar;  reclamar;  desear

Radical: (water).   Strokes: 7画.   Elements: 一水丶.   Pinyin: qiú.   Hangul:  [gu].

Jōyō Kanji 4th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
キュウKYŪきゅうどうkyūdō】seeking for truth
ききゅうkikyū】aspiring to; seek; demand; ask for
ごんぐgongu】inquiring the Buddha way
浄土ごんぐじょうどgongujōdo】seeking rebirth in the Pure Land
もとめるmotomeru買いめるかいもとめるkaimotomeru】to buy
捜しめるさがしもとめるsagashimotomeru】to search for; to seek for; to look for
追いめるおいもとめるoimotomeru】to pursue
Codepoints and classification codes:
21-65JIS X 0208
4313.2Four Corner
1442De Roo
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