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ゲン/GEN/    あらわ.れる/arawa.reru/    あらわ.す/    うつつ/utsutsu/    うつ.つ/utsu.tsu/GEN/ゲン/    arawa.reru/あらわ.れる/あらわ.す/    utsutsu/うつつ/    utsu.tsu/うつ.つ/

present;  existing;  actual Frenchle présent;  existant;  actuel;  montrer Portuguesepresente;  exist6encia;  realidade Spanishpresente;  actual;  real;  aparecer;  hacerse visible;  mostrarse;  manifestar;  expresar

Radical: (jade).   Strokes: 11画.   Elements: 王見一ノ匚口⺾虫.   Pinyin: xiàn.   Hangul:  [hyeon].   Nanori: あきら / きらakira / kira.

Jōyō Kanji 5th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
ゲンGENはつげんhatsugen】revelation; expression (e.g. in molecular biology - protein expression or gene expression)
場監督げんばかんとくgenbakantoku】field overseer; site foreman
ぐげんgugen】incarnation; to give concrete form to
あらわれるarawareruれるあらわれるarawareru】to appear; to be expressed (e.g. emotions)
彗星のようにれるすいせいのようにあらわれるsuiseinoyōniarawareru】to become famous overnight; to burst into fame
あらわarawasuあらわすarawasu】to reveal; to express; to represent; to make widely known
言いいいあらわすiiarawasu】to express (in words); to confess
頭角をとうかくをあらわすtōkakuwoarawasu】to distinguish oneself; to stand out
うつつutsutsuゆめうつつyumeutsutsu】half asleep and half awake; dream and reality
うつつutsutsu】reality; consciousness
を抜かすうつつをぬかすutsutsuwonukasu】to be infatuated; to be hooked on
うつutsutsuうつつutsutsu】reality; consciousness
つを抜かすうつつをぬかすutsutsuwonukasu】to be infatuated; to be hooked on
Codepoints and classification codes:
24-29JIS X 0208
1611.0Four Corner
3157De Roo
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