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サン/SAN/    う.む/    う.まれる/u.mareru/    うぶ-/ubu-/    む.す/サン/う.む/    u.mareru/う.まれる/    ubu-/うぶ-/む.す/

products;  bear;  give birth;  yield;  childbirth;  native;  property Frenchproduction;  porter (fruits);  donner naissance;  produire;  natal;  propriété Portugueseprodutos;  dar a luz;  nascer;  dar crias;  nascimento;  nativo;  bens Spanishproducto;  producir;  propiedad;  dar a luz;  nacer

Radical: (life).   Strokes: 11画.   Elements: ノ生并立亠厂.   Pinyin: chǎn.   Hangul:  [san].   Nanori: もとmoto.

Jōyō Kanji 4th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
サンSAN通商業省つうしょうさんぎょうしょうtsūshōsangyōshō】(former) Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry); MITI
一次いちじさんぎょうichijisangyō】primary industry
業スパイさんぎょうスパイsangyōsupai】industrial espionage
umuうむumu】to give birth; to deliver; to produce
む機械うむきかいumukikai】baby-making machine (famously used by Health, Labour and Welfare Minister Yanagisawa Hakuo to refer to women)
まれるumareruまれるうまれるumareru】to be born
musuくさむすkusamusu】to be covered in grass; to be grassy; to be verdant
むすmusu】to grow (of moss, etc.)
Codepoints and classification codes:
27-26JIS X 0208
0021.4Four Corner
472De Roo
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