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リュウ/RYŪ/    /RU/    と.める/to.meru/    と.まる/to.maru/    とど.める/todo.meru/    とど.まる/todo.maru/    るうぶる/rūburu/RYUU/リュウ/    RU//    to.meru/と.める/    to.maru/と.まる/    todo.meru/とど.める/    todo.maru/とど.まる/    ruuburu/るうぶる/

detain;  fasten;  halt;  stop Frenchretenir;  attacher;  rester;  s'arrêter Portuguesedeter;  segurar;  parar;  interromper Spanishquedarse;  permanecer;  parar;  detener

Radical: (field).   Strokes: 10画.   Elements: 田刀厶.   Variants: 畄畱.   Pinyin: liú.   Hangul:  [ryu].   Nanori: とめtome.

Jōyō Kanji 5th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
こうりゅうkōryū】detention; hold a person in custody
きょりゅうみんkyoryūmin】a resident
RUかるたkaruta】playing cards; card game
めるtomeru呼びめるよびとめるyobitomeru】to challenge; to call somebody to halt
取りめるとりとめるtoritomeru】to stop; to put a stop to; to check
めるしとめるshitomeru】to bring down (a bird); to kill
まるtomaruまるとまるtomaru】to stop (moving); to stop (doing, working, being supplied); to alight
目にまるめにとまるmenitomaru】to catch one's attention
お目にまるおめにとまるomenitomaru】to be recognized (by someone of higher status); to be noticed; to get attention
とどめるtodomeru書きめるかきとどめるkakitodomeru】to write down; to leave a note behind; to record; to chronicle
めるとどめるtodomeru】to stop; to contain; to record (e.g. a fact)
押しめるおしとどめるoshitodomeru】to stop
とどまるtodomaruまるとどまるtodomaru】to remain; to be limited to
踏みまるふみとどまるfumitodomaru】to stay on; to stop (doing)
Codepoints and classification codes:
46-17JIS X 0208
7760.2Four Corner
2676De Roo
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