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ソウ//    ショウ/SHŌ/    あい-/ai-/SOU/ソウ/    SHOU/ショウ/    ai-/あい-/

inter-;  mutual;  together;  each other;  minister of state;  councillor;  aspect;  phase;  physiognomy Frenchinter-;  mutuel;  ensemble;  ministre;  aspect;  phase;  physionomie Portugueseinter-;  mútuo;  juntamente;  mutuamente;  ministro de estado;  conselheiro;  aspecto;  face;  fisionomia Spanishapariencia;  aspecto;  fase;  ministro de estado;  conjuntamente;  mutuamente

Radical: (eye).   Strokes: 9画.   Elements: 木目.   Pinyin: xiāng / xiàng.   Hangul:  [sang].   Nanori:  /  / おう /  / さが / すけa / i / ō / sa / saga / suke.

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
ソウそうしsōshi】mutual affection or love
てそうtesō】palm reading
けっそうkessō】expression; looks
ショウSHŌさいしょうsaishō】prime minister
ろうしょうrōshō】Labor Minister
こうしょうkōshō】Welfare Minister
Codepoints and classification codes:
33-74JIS X 0208
4690.0Four Corner
1879De Roo
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