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カン/KAN/    くだ/kuda/KAN/カン/    kuda/くだ/

pipe;  tube;  wind instrument;  drunken talk;  control;  jurisdiction Frenchtuyau;  tube;  instrument à vent;  discours d'ivrogne;  gestion Portugueseflauta;  tubo;  instrumento de sopro;  conversa de bêbados Spanishtubería;  tubo;  caño;  control;  controlar;  administrar

Radical: (bamboo).   Strokes: 14画.   Elements: 口竹宀.   Pinyin: guǎn.   Hangul:  [gwan].   Nanori: すがsuga.

Jōyō Kanji 4th Grade.   JLPT N2.

Example compounds:
カンKAN真空しんくうかんshinkūkan】vacuum tube
灯火とうかかんせいtōkakansei】blackout (to prevent being seen by enemy aircraft during a nighttime air raid)
送油そうゆかんsōyukan】oil pipeline
くだkuda手練手てれんてくだterentekuda】wiles; art of coaxing
Codepoints and classification codes:
20-41JIS X 0208
8877.7Four Corner
2377De Roo
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