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コウ//    つな/tsuna/KOU/コウ/    tsuna/つな/

hawser;  class (genus);  rope;  cord;  cable Frenchhaussière;  classe (genre);  corde;  câble Portugueseamarrio;  classe (gênero em biologia);  corda;  cabo Spanishsoga;  cuerda;  cordón;  categoría

Radical: (silk).   Strokes: 14画.   Elements: 糸幺小并冂山一岡.   Pinyin: gāng.   Hangul:  [gang].

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
コウこうきkōki】law and order; discipline
紀粛正こうきしゅくせいkōkishukusei】eliminating corruption among government officials; tightening discipline (among)
こうりょうkōryō】general plan; main points; summary; platform (e.g. for a campaign); mission statement
つなtsuna渡りつなわたりtsunawatari】tightrope walking; funambulism
つなtsuna】rope; grand champion's braided belt
引きつなひきtsunahiki】tug of war (orig. a form of divination to predict whether the year will be favourable or unfavourable); forward puller (of a rickshaw)
Codepoints and classification codes:
25-43JIS X 0208
2792.0Four Corner
2753De Roo
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