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/FU/    くさ.る/    -くさ.る/    くさ.れる/kusa.reru/    くさ.れ/    くさ.らす/kusa.rasu/    くさ.す/くさ.る/くさ.る/    kusa.reru/くさ.れる/くさ.れ/    kusa.rasu/くさ.らす/くさ.す/

rot;  decay;  sour Frenchpourrir;  putréfier;  aigre Portugueseprodre;  apodrecer;  azedar Spanishputrefacción;  descomposición;  agrio;  pudrirse;  descomponerse;  corromperse;  agriarse

Radical: (meat).   Strokes: 14画.   Elements: ⺅寸肉广.   Pinyin: .   Hangul:  [bu].

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
FUふらんfuran】decomposition; ulceration
高野豆こうやとうふkōyatōfu】freeze-dried tofu
ふしゅうfushū】smell of something rotten; rotten smell
くさkusaru威張りいばりくさるibarikusaru】to throw one's weight around; to be puffed up
くさるkusaru】to rot; to corrode; to become useless; to become depraved; to be depressed; indicates scorn or disdain for another's action; to lose a bet; to be drenched
真面目まじめくさるmajimekusaru】to become extremely serious (in attitude); to look solemn; to assume a solemn air
くされるkusareruれるくされるkusareru】to spoil; to rot; to corrode
ふてれるふてくされるfutekusareru】to become sulky; to become irresponsible
くさkusareれるくされるkusareru】to spoil; to rot; to corrode
れ縁くされえんkusarēn】(undesirable but) inseparable relationship
ふてれるふてくされるfutekusareru】to become sulky; to become irresponsible
くさらすkusarasuらすくさらすkusarasu】to spoil; to rot; to corrode
気をらすきをくさらすkiwokusarasu】to have the blues; to be depressed
くさkusasuくさすkusasu】to speak ill of
Codepoints and classification codes:
41-69JIS X 0208
0022.7Four Corner
553De Roo
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