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カイ/KAI/    /GE/    と.く/to.ku/    と.かす/to.kasu/    と.ける/to.keru/    ほど.く/hodo.ku/    ほど.ける/hodo.keru/    わか.る/    さと.る/カイ/    GE//    to.ku/と.く/    to.kasu/と.かす/    to.keru/と.ける/    hodo.ku/ほど.く/    hodo.keru/ほど.ける/わか.る/さと.る/

unravel;  notes;  key;  explanation;  understanding;  untie;  undo;  solve;  answer;  cancel;  absolve;  explain;  minute Frenchdélier;  notes;  clé;  explication;  compréhension;  défaire;  résoudre;  répondre;  annuler;  absoudre;  expliquer;  minute Portuguesesolucionar;  notas;  chave;  explicação;  compreensão;  desamarrar;  desfazer;  resolveer;  resposta;  cancelar;  absolver;  explicar;  deta Spanishdesenredar;  desatar;  liberar;  aclarar;  resolver;  peinarse;  aflojar

Radical: (horn).   Strokes: 13画.   Elements: 角牛刀.   Variants: 觧分.   Pinyin: jiě / jiè / xiè.   Hangul:  [hae]  [gae].   Nanori: さとる / とけsatoru / toke.

Jōyō Kanji 5th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
カイKAIかいだいkaidai】synopsis; review of subject; annotation
ひょうかいhyōkai】melting; thawing
GEげだつgedatsu】being liberated from earthly desires and the woes of man; (reaching) nirvana; moksha; mukti
熱剤げねつざいgenetsuzai】fever medicine; antipyretic; antifebrile
げねつgenetsu】alleviation of fever
tokuとくtoku】to untie; to unsew; to solve; to dispel (misunderstanding, etc.); to dissolve (a contract); to release (from duty); to comb (out)
禁をきんをとくkinwotoku】to lift (remove) a ban
ひもとくhimotoku】to peruse (a book); to untie a scroll
かすtokasuかすとかすtokasu】to comb out; to melt
けるtokeru打ちけるうちとけるuchitokeru】to open one's heart; to throw off reserve; to be frank
けるとけるtokeru】to be solved; to loosen; to be removed (e.g. restrictions); to melt
ほどhodokuほどくhodoku】to unfasten; to untie; to unwrap (e.g. parcel)
振りふりほどくfurihodoku】to shake and untangle
結び目をむすびめをほどくmusubimewohodoku】to undo a knot
ほどけるhodokeruけるほどけるhodokeru】to come untied; to come apart
わかwakaruわかるwakaru】to be understood; to become clear
Codepoints and classification codes:
18-82JIS X 0208
2725.2Four Corner
2555De Roo
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