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キツ/KITSU/    キチ/KICHI/    つ.める/tsu.meru/    つ.め/    -づ.め/    つ.まる/tsu.maru/    つ.む/キツ/    KICHI/キチ/    tsu.meru/つ.める/つ.め/づ.め/    tsu.maru/つ.まる/つ.む/

packed;  close;  pressed;  reprove;  rebuke;  blame Frenchhermétiquement clos;  conserve;  coincé;  réprimande;  blâme Portugueseempacotado;  fechar;  pressionar;  reprovar;  repreender;  culpa Spanishpedir informes;  empaquetar;  rellenar;  reprobar;  reprender;  trabajar duro

Radical: (speech).   Strokes: 13画.   Elements: 言口士.   Pinyin: jié.   Hangul:  [hil].   Nanori: ずめ / づめzume / dume.

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N2.

Example compounds:
キツKITSUきつもんkitsumon】cross-examination; close questioning; demanding an explanation
めるしきつめるshikitsumeru】to cover a surface; to spread all over; to blanket; to lay
めるtsumeru問いめるといつめるtoitsumeru】to press a question; to cross-examine
突きめるつきつめるtsukitsumeru】to investigate thoroughly; to probe into; to think something through; to follow an argument to its logical conclusion
追いめるおいつめるoitsumeru】to corner; to drive to the wall; to run down; to track down; to chase after
tsume問いめるといつめるtoitsumeru】to press a question; to cross-examine
め所つめしょtsumesho】station; office; guardroom
め将棋つめしょうぎtsumeshōgi】chess problem; composed shogi problem
まるtsumaruまるにつまるnitsumaru】to be boiled down; to approach a conclusion (of a discussion, investigation, etc.); to come to a standstill
切羽まるせっぱつまるseppatsumaru】to be at one's wits' end; to be cornered; to be packed to the hilt
まるつまるtsumaru】to be packed (with); to be blocked (road, pipe, etc.); to shorten (width, interval, etc.); to be at a loss; to end up; to become a geminate consonant; to hit the ball near the handle of the bat
tsumuつむtsumu】to become fine
Codepoints and classification codes:
21-45JIS X 0208
0466.1Four Corner
3077De Roo
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