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ボウ//    /MU/    はか.る/    たばか.る/    はかりごと/hakarigoto/BOU/ボウ/    MU//はか.る/たばか.る/    hakarigoto/はかりごと/

conspire;  cheat;  impose on;  plan;  devise;  scheme;  have in mind;  deceive Frenchconspirer;  tricher;  imposer;  concevoir;  plan;  projet;  avoir dans l'idée;  duper Portugueseconspirar;  engano;  impor;  plano;  inventar;  esquema;  tem em mente;  enganar Spanishplan;  estratagema;  conspiración;  planear;  idear;  conspirar

Radical: (speech).   Strokes: 16画.   Elements: 甘言木.   Pinyin: móu.   Hangul:  [mo].

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
ボウ術数けんぼうじゅっすうkenbōjussū】trickery; wiles; finesse; Machiavellism
さくぼうsakubō】strategy; artifice
ぼうりゃくbōryaku】strategy; stratagem; trick; scheme; plot
MUむほんmuhon】rebellion; treason
むへんmuhen】plotting to overthrow the government (by assassinating the emperor)
はかhakaruはかるhakaru】to plot; to take in; to aim for; to refer A to B
暗殺をあんさつをはかるansatsuwohakaru】to plot an assassination
たばかtabakaruたばかるtabakaru】to work out a plan of deception; to think up a plan; to discuss
はかりごとhakarigotoはかりごとhakarigoto】plan; strategy
Codepoints and classification codes:
43-37JIS X 0208
0469.4Four Corner
3064De Roo
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