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エツ/ETSU/    オツ/OTSU/    こ.す/    -こ.す/    -ご.し/-go.shi/    こ.える/ko.eru/    -ご.え/-go.e/ETSU/エツ/    OTSU/オツ/こ.す/こ.す/    -go.shi/-ご.し/    ko.eru/こ.える/    -go.e/-ご.え/

surpass;  cross over;  move to;  exceed;  Vietnam Frenchdoubler;  traverser;  muter;  surpasser;  Vietnam Portuguesesuperar;  exceder;  Vietnã Spanishsobrepasar;  cruzar;  exceder;  moverse

Radical: (run).   Strokes: 12画.   Elements: 走土戈.   Pinyin: yuè.   Hangul:  [weol]  [hwal].   Nanori: えち / えっ /  / こえ / こし / ごえ / ごし / ごやechi / e' / o / koe / koshi / goe / goshi / goya.

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
エツETSU同舟ごえつどうしゅうgoetsudōshū】bitter enemies (placed by fate) in the same boat
ゆうえつyūetsu】supremacy; predominance; being superior to
ちょうえつchōetsu】transcendence; transcendental; to transcend
オツOTSUだんおつdan'otsu】alms-giver; person who donates to a monk or a temple; dana-pati
年蝶おつねんちょうotsunenchō】eastern pale clouded yellow (butterfly, Colias erate)
kosu飛びとびこすtobikosu】to leap over
みこすmikosu】to anticipate; to foresee
えるkoeru飛びえるとびこえるtobikoeru】to jump over; to clear; to walk over (someone)
乗りえるのりこえるnorikoeru】to climb over; to surmount; to surpass
えるこえるkoeru】to cross over; to exceed
Codepoints and classification codes:
17-59JIS X 0208
4380.5Four Corner
1470De Roo
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