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テン/TEN/    ころ.がる/koro.garu/    ころ.げる/koro.geru/    ころ.がす/koro.gasu/    ころ.ぶ/koro.bu/    まろ.ぶ/maro.bu/    うたた/utata/    うつ.る/    くる.めく/kuru.meku/TEN/テン/    koro.garu/ころ.がる/    koro.geru/ころ.げる/    koro.gasu/ころ.がす/    koro.bu/ころ.ぶ/    maro.bu/まろ.ぶ/    utata/うたた/うつ.る/    kuru.meku/くる.めく/

revolve;  turn around;  change Frenchrouler;  tourner;  changer Portugueserevolver;  voltar a ser;  mudança Spanishcambiar;  girar;  rodar;  caerse;  tropezar;  dar vueltas;  volcarse;  caer

Radical: (car).   Strokes: 11画.   Elements: 車二厶.   Variants: .   Pinyin: zhuǎn / zhuǎi / zhuàn.   Hangul:  [jeon].

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N4.

Example compounds:
テンTEN責任せきにんてんかsekinintenka】shift the responsibility (for something) on to (someone); pass the buck
てんかいtenkai】revolution; rotation
一回いちかいてんichikaiten】one revolution; one rotation
ころがるkorogaruがるころがるkorogaru】to roll; to fall over; to lie down; to be scattered about; (of a situation or outcome) to change
がるねころがるnekorogaru】to lie down; to throw oneself down
ころげるkorogeruげるころげるkorogeru】to roll over; to tumble; to roll about (with laughter)
笑いげるわらいころげるwaraikorogeru】to roll about with laughter; to be convulsed with laughter
ころがすkorogasuがすころがすkorogasu】to roll; to turn over; to leave; to buy and sell (quickly for a profit)
車をがすくるまをころがすkurumawokorogasu】to drive a car
ころkorobuねころぶnekorobu】to lie down; to throw oneself down
ころぶkorobu】to fall down; to fall over
すっすっころぶsukkorobu】to (dramatically) fall over; to fall flat
まろmarobu臥しふしまろぶfushimarobu】to fall and roll over; wriggle about
うたたutataうたたねutatane】dozing; napping (e.g. on the floor in one's clothes, in the train)
くるめくkurumekuめくくるめくkurumeku】to spin; to be dizzy; to bustle about
Codepoints and classification codes:
37-30JIS X 0208
5103.1Four Corner
1571De Roo
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