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ゾウ//    つく.る/    つく.り/tsuku.ri/    -づく.り/-duku.ri/ZOU/ゾウ/つく.る/    tsuku.ri/つく.り/    -duku.ri/-づく.り/

create;  make;  structure;  physique Frenchcréer;  fabriquer;  structure;  physique;  maquillage Portuguesecriar;  fazer;  estrutura;  psique Spanishedificio;  crear;  construir

Radical: (walk).   Strokes: 10/9画.   Elements: ノ口辶土.   Pinyin: zào.   Hangul:  [jo].   Nanori: ずくり / づくり / zukuri / dukuri / mi.

Jōyō Kanji 5th Grade.   JLPT N2.

Example compounds:
ゾウぞうけいzōkei】deep knowledge; attainments; scholarship
ぞうへいzōhei】coinage; mintage
ぞうえいzōei】building; construction
つくtsukuruつくるtsukuru】to make; to prepare (food); to raise; to till; to draw up (a document); to create (an artistic work, etc.); to coin (a phrase); to have (a child); to make up (one's face, etc.); to fabricate (an excuse, etc.); to form (a line, etc.); to set (a record); to commit (a sin, etc.)
つくtsukuriり物つくりものtsukurimono】artificial product; fiction; decoration (e.g. for a festival); theatrical prop (esp. a large prop in noh or kyogen, e.g. tree, well, etc.); crop
り酒屋つくりざかやtsukurizakaya】sake brewer; sake brewery
り出すつくりだすtsukuridasu】to manufacture; to invent
Codepoints and classification codes:
34-4JIS X 0208
3430.6Four Corner
2477De Roo
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