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レン/REN/    つら.なる/tsura.naru/    つら.ねる/tsura.neru/    つ.れる/tsu.reru/    -づ.れ/レン/    tsura.naru/つら.なる/    tsura.neru/つら.ねる/    tsu.reru/つ.れる/づ.れ/

take along;  lead;  join;  connect;  party;  gang;  clique Frenchemmener;  se mettre en rang;  s'unir;  série;  parti;  bande;  clique PortugueseLevar pelo caminho;  primazia;  unir;  conectar;  partido;  gangue;  grupo Spanishunir;  acompañar;  estar junto;  grupo;  agrupar

Radical: (walk).   Strokes: 10/9画.   Elements: 辶車.   Pinyin: lián.   Hangul:  [ryeon].   Nanori: ずれ / つれ / むらじ / zure / tsure / muraji / re.

Jōyō Kanji 4th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
レンREN結器れんけつきrenketsuki】connector; coupler
ぐれんたいgurentai】gang of young toughs
れんがrenga】early Japanese poetry form; poetic dialogue
つらなるtsuranaruなるつらなるtsuranaru】to extend; to stretch out; to stand in a row
つらねるtsuraneruねるつらねるtsuraneru】to line up; to add (to a group); to link; to take along with
書きねるかきつらねるkakitsuraneru】to make a list; to enumerate
れるtsureru引きれるひきつれるhikitsureru】to take along with
れるつれるtsureru】to lead; to take (a person)
召しれるめしつれるmeshitsureru】to bring along; to accompany
Codepoints and classification codes:
47-2JIS X 0208
3530.0Four Corner
1555De Roo
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