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/KA/    す.ぎる/su.giru/    -す.ぎる/-su.giru/    -す.ぎ/    す.ごす/su.gosu/    あやま.つ/ayama.tsu/    あやま.ち/ayama.chi/    よ.ぎる/yo.giru/KA//    su.giru/す.ぎる/    -su.giru/-す.ぎる/す.ぎ/    su.gosu/す.ごす/    ayama.tsu/あやま.つ/    ayama.chi/あやま.ち/    yo.giru/よ.ぎる/

overdo;  exceed;  go beyond;  error Frenchpasser;  dépasser;  excéder;  erreur Portuguesesobrepujar;  exceder;  ir além de;  erro Spanishpasar;  extralimitarse;  exceder;  fallo;  error;  traspasar;  fallar

Radical: (walk).   Strokes: 12/11画.   Elements: 口辶冂.   Pinyin: guò / guō.   Hangul:  [gwa].

Jōyō Kanji 5th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
KAかはんkahan】the greater part
かじつkajitsu】recently; the other day
輸出超ゆしゅつちょうかyushutsuchōka】excess of exports
ぎるsugiruぎるですぎるdesugiru】to project or protrude too much; to be too forward; to obtrude
食べぎるたべすぎるtabesugiru】to overeat
言いぎるいいすぎるiisugiru】to talk or say too much; to go too far; to overstate; to exaggerate
ごすsugosuごすみすごすmisugosu】to let go by; to let pass; to overlook; to miss
ごすすごすsugosu】to pass (time); to overdo (esp. of one's alcohol consumption); to take care of; to overdo; to ... without acting on it
ごすねすごすnesugosu】to oversleep
あやまayamatsuあやまつayamatsu】to err
あやまayamachiあやまちayamachi】fault; error; indiscretion; faux pas
ちを改めるあやまちをあらためるayamachiwoaratameru】to correct a fault
ちては則ち改むるに憚ること勿れあやまちてはすなわちあらたむるにはばかることなかれayamachitehasunawachiaratamurunihabakarukotonakare】do not delay to make amends for one's wrongs
ぎるyogiruぎるよぎるyogiru】to go by; to cross; to pass by; to float across
Codepoints and classification codes:
18-65JIS X 0208
3730.2Four Corner
3649De Roo
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