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/I/    ちが.う/chiga.u/    ちが.い/chiga.i/    ちが.える/chiga.eru/    -ちが.える/-chiga.eru/    たが.う/taga.u/    たが.える/taga.eru/I//    chiga.u/ちが.う/    chiga.i/ちが.い/    chiga.eru/ちが.える/    -chiga.eru/-ちが.える/    taga.u/たが.う/    taga.eru/たが.える/

difference;  differ Frenchdifférence;  différer Portuguesediferença;  diferir Spanishdiferencia;  diferir;  violar;  ser diferente;  cambiar;  alterar

Radical: (walk).   Strokes: 13/12画.   Elements: 口辶韋.   Pinyin: wéi.   Hangul:  [wi].

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
ちがchigau食いくいちがうkuichigau】to cross each other; to run counter to; to differ; to clash; to go awry
まちがうmachigau】to make a mistake; to be incorrect; to be mistaken
ちがうchigau】to differ (from); to not be in the usual condition; to not match the correct (answer, etc.); to be different from promised
ちがchigai見当けんとうちがいkentōchigai】wrong (guess or estimate); misdirected
はたけちがいhatakechigai】out of one's line; out of one's field
すじちがいsujichigai】cramp; unreasonableness; illogical; misdirected
ちがえるchigaeru取りえるとりちがえるtorichigaeru】to take by mistake
えるまちがえるmachigaeru】to make a mistake (in); to confuse
えるみちがえるmichigaeru】to be beyond recognition; to be quite different
たがtagauたがうtagau】to differ; to run counter to; to change (into something out of the ordinary)
たがえるtagaeruえるたがえるtagaeru】to change; to run counter to; to make a mistake (in)
Codepoints and classification codes:
16-67JIS X 0208
3430.4Four Corner
1655De Roo
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