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ジュウ//    チョウ/CHŌ/    /e/    おも.い/omo.i/    おも.り/omo.ri/    おも.なう/omo.nau/    かさ.ねる/kasa.neru/    かさ.なる/kasa.naru/    おも/omo/JUU/ジュウ/    CHOU/チョウ/    e//    omo.i/おも.い/    omo.ri/おも.り/    omo.nau/おも.なう/    kasa.neru/かさ.ねる/    kasa.naru/かさ.なる/    omo/おも/

heavy;  heap up;  pile up;  nest of boxes;  -fold Frenchlourd;  empiler;  entasser;  s'emboîter;  - couches Portuguesepesado;  empilhar;  pilha de caixas;  -dobrar Spanishpesado;  importante;  apilar;  amontonar

Radical: (village).   Strokes: 9画.   Elements: |ノ一日里.   Pinyin: zhòng / chóng.   Hangul:  [jung].   Nanori: さね / しげ / しげるsane / shige / shigeru.

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N4.

Example compounds:
ジュウ機関銃じゅうきかんじゅうjūkikanjū】heavy machine gun
さんじゅうさつsanjūsatsu】triple play
じゅうしんjūshin】chief vassal; senior statesman
チョウCHŌちんちょうchinchō】prizing; valuing highly; esteeming
ちょうほうchōhō】convenient; priceless treasure; valuing highly
ていちょうteichō】polite; courteous; hospitable
eやえざくらyaezakura】double-flowered cherry tree; double cherry blossoms
紙一かみひとえkamihitoe】paper-thin (difference)
いくえikue】multiple layers; many piles
おもomoiおもいomoi】heavy; heavy (feeling); slow; important; serious; solid
気がきがおもいkigaomoi】depressed; bummed out; down; heavy-hearted; heavy-spirited; feeling reluctant (to do)
くちおもいkuchiomoi】slow of speech; prudent
おもomoriおもりomori】weight; sinker (fishing)
かさねるkasaneru積みねるつみかさねるtsumikasaneru】to pile up; to accumulate
ねるかさねるkasaneru】to pile up; to put something on another; to heap up; to add; to repeat
折りねるおりかさねるorikasaneru】to fold back (up)
かさなるkasanaru折りなるおりかさなるorikasanaru】to lie on top of one another; to be in a heap
なるたびかさなるtabikasanaru】to repeat; to be frequent
積みなるつみかさなるtsumikasanaru】to accumulate
おもomoおもりomori】weight; sinker (fishing)
々しいおもおもしいomōmoshii】serious; grave; dignified; solemn
苦しいおもくるしいomokurushii】heavy; gloomy; awkward; cumbrous; oppressive; leaden
Codepoints and classification codes:
29-37JIS X 0208
2010.4Four Corner
2272De Roo
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