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カイ/KAI/    ひら.く/hira.ku/    ひら.き/    -びら.き/    ひら.ける/hira.keru/    あ.く/a.ku/    あ.ける/a.keru/KAI/カイ/    hira.ku/ひら.く/ひら.き/びら.き/    hira.keru/ひら.ける/    a.ku/あ.く/    a.keru/あ.ける/

open;  unfold;  unseal Frenchouvrir;  s'ouvrir;  briser le sceau Portugueseabrir;  desdobrar;  deslacrar Spanishabrir;  desdoblar;  dar comienzo;  abrirse;  estar abierto

Radical: (gate).   Strokes: 12画.   Elements: 一門廾.   Variants: .   Pinyin: kāi.   Hangul:  [gae].   Nanori: はる /  / ひらきharu / ka / hiraki.

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N4.

Example compounds:
カイKAIかいめいkaimei】civilization; civilisation; enlightenment
みかいたくmikaitaku】undeveloped; wild (areas)
かいがんkaigan】enlightenment; spiritual awakening; opening one's eyes to the truth
ひらhirakuみひらくmihiraku】to open one's eyes
ひらくhiraku】to open (e.g. a bank-account, festival, etc.); to spread out; to hold
言いいいひらくiihiraku】to justify; to explain; to vindicate
ひらhirakiおひらきohiraki】breakup (of a ceremony, wedding, party, meeting, etc.); closure
切りきりひらきkirihiraki】clearing (land); excavating
みひらきmihiraki】two pages opposite each other
ひらけるhirakeruけるひらけるhirakeru】to become opened up; to develop; to be enlightened
運がけるうんがひらけるungahirakeru】to be in luck's way; to have one's fortune changes to the better
akuあくaku】to open (e.g. doors); to open (e.g. business, etc.); to be empty; to be vacant; to be open (e.g. neckline, etc.); to have been opened (of one's eyes, mouth, etc.); to come to an end; to open (one's eyes, mouth, etc.); to have a hole
穴があながあくanagāku】to have a hole; to be pierced (with a hole)
時間がじかんがあくjikangāku】to have time free; to have time to spare
けるakeruけるあけるakeru】to open (a door, etc.); to open (for business, etc.); to empty; to dawn; to end
押しけるおしあけるoshiakeru】to force open; to push open
けるねじあけるnejiakeru】to wrench open
Codepoints and classification codes:
19-11JIS X 0208
7744.1Four Corner
3855De Roo
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