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ショウ/SHŌ/    さわ.る/ショウ/さわ.る/

hinder;  hurt;  harm Frenchgêne;  faire du mal Portugueseimpedir;  ferido;  dano Spanishestorbo;  impedimento;  obstáculo;  obstrucción;  estorbar;  impedir;  obstruir;  obstaculizar

Radical: (mound).   Strokes: 14画.   Elements: 音十日立⻖.   Pinyin: zhàng.   Hangul:  [jang].

Jōyō Kanji 6th Grade.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
ショウSHŌ更年期こうねんきしょうがいkōnenkishōgai】menopausal disorders
情緒じょうしょしょうがいjōshoshōgai】(suffering) an emotional disturbance
言語げんごしょうがいgengoshōgai】speech impediment; speech disorder
さわsawaruさわるsawaru】to hinder; to interfere with; to affect; to do one harm; to be harmful to
気にきにさわるkinisawaru】to hurt one's feelings; to rub someone the wrong way
しゃくにしゃくにさわるshakunisawaru】to irritate; to grate on one's nerves; to aggravate; to be galling; to be invidious
Codepoints and classification codes:
30-67JIS X 0208
7024.6Four Corner
3655De Roo
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