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レイ/REI/    ぜろ/zero/    こぼ.す/    こぼ.れる/kobo.reru/REI/レイ/    zero/ぜろ/こぼ.す/    kobo.reru/こぼ.れる/

zero;  spill;  overflow;  nothing;  cipher Frenchzéro;  se répandre;  déborder;  rien;  code Portuguesezero;  entornar;  inundação;  nada;  cifra Spanishcero;  nada;  pequeño;  derramar;  desbordar;  estropearse;  hacerse ruinas

Radical: (rain).   Strokes: 13画.   Elements: 雨个卩一.   Pinyin: líng.   Hangul:  [ryeong]  [ryeon].

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N2.

Example compounds:
レイREIれいてんreiten】zero; no marks
れいはいreihai】going undefeated; losing without scoring a point; whitewash; being shut out
れいかreika】below zero; sub-zero
ぜろzeroぜろせんzerosen】Zero fighter plane
因子ぜろいんしzeroinshi】zero divisor; null factor; nil factor
こぼkobosu取りとりこぼすtorikobosu】to lose an easy game; to lose information (computers)
こぼすkobosu】to spill; to grumble; to let one's feelings show
爪で拾って箕でつめでひろってみでこぼすtsumedehirottemidekobosu】penny wise and pound foolish
こぼれるkoboreruれるこぼれるkoboreru】to spill; to peek through; to escape (of a smile, tear, etc.)
れるにこぼれるnikoboreru】to boil over
Codepoints and classification codes:
46-77JIS X 0208
1030.7Four Corner
3144De Roo
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