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/RO/    ロウ//    つゆ/tsuyu/RO//    ROU/ロウ/    tsuyu/つゆ/

dew;  tears;  expose;  Russia Frenchrosée;  larmes;  dévoiler;  Russie Portugueseorvalho;  lágrimas;  mortalidade;  fragilidade Spanishrocío;  relente;  exponer;  mostrar;  sereno;  Rusia

Radical: (rain).   Strokes: 21画.   Elements: 雨口足夂.   Pinyin: / lòu.   Hangul:  [ro].   Nanori:  / ya / yu.

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
ROかんろkanro】nectar; sweetness
ぎょくろgyokuro】high-quality green tea; jewel-like dewdrop
ろこうrokō】(photographic) exposure
ロウひろうえんhirōen】reception (wedding)
ひろうhirō】announcement; show; display; introduction
結婚披けっこんひろうえんkekkonhirōen】wedding reception banquet
つゆtsuyu払いつゆはらいtsuyuharai】outrider; rikishi who leads the yokozuna to the ring prior to his ring-entering ceremony
したつゆshitatsuyu】dew under (dripping from) trees
Codepoints and classification codes:
47-10JIS X 0208
1016.4Four Corner
3177De Roo
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