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トウ//    /ZU/    /TO/    あたま/atama/    かしら/kashira/    -がしら/-gashira/    かぶり/kaburi/TOU/トウ/    ZU//    TO//    atama/あたま/    kashira/かしら/    -gashira/-がしら/    kaburi/かぶり/

head;  counter for large animals Frenchtête;  compteur de gros animaux Portuguesecabeça;  sufixo para contagem de animais grandes Spanishcabeza;  principio;  delantera

Radical: (face).   Strokes: 16画.   Elements: 貝目ハ口豆并頁.   Pinyin: tóu / tou.   Hangul:  [du].   Nanori: かみ / がみ / ちゃん / つむり / kami / gami / chan / tsumuri / du.

Jōyō Kanji 2nd Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
トウにゅうとうnyūtō】(mammary) nipple; teat
ふとうfutō】pier; wharf; quay
ZUずきんzukin】hood; kerchief
ずじょうzujō】overhead; high in sky
ずのうzunō】head; brains; intellect
あたまatamaあたまきんatamakin】down payment; deposit
あたまかずatamakazu】number of persons; numerical strength; head count
打ちあたまうちatamauchi】reaching a peak; reaching the limit; plateauing; maxing out
かしらkashira文字かしらもじkashiramoji】initials; first letter of a word; acronym; capital letter
かしらkashira】head; mind; top; hair (on one's head); bangs; top structural component of a kanji
付きおかしらつきokashiratsuki】fish served whole (complete with head and tail)
かぶりkaburiを振るかぶりをふるkaburiwofuru】to shake one's head (in denial)
Codepoints and classification codes:
38-12JIS X 0208
1118.6Four Corner
3061De Roo
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