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ライ/RAI/    たの.む/    たの.もしい/tano.moshii/    たよ.る/ライ/たの.む/    tano.moshii/たの.もしい/たよ.る/

trust;  request Frenchconfiance;  demande Portugueseconfiança;  solicitação Spanishsolicitud;  petición;  solicitar;  pedir;  de confianza;  confiar en;  depender de

Radical: (shell).   Strokes: 16画.   Elements: |貝目口ハ頁木.   Pinyin: lài.   Hangul:  [roe].   Nanori: よち / よりyochi / yori.

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
ライRAIけらいkerai】retainer; retinue; servant
ぶらいburai】hoodlum; villainy; without relying on others
たのtanomuたのむtanomu】to request; to call; to entrust to; to rely on
杖とも柱ともつえともはしらともたのむtsuetomohashiratomotanomu】to count on someone as the only support
揉み手でもみででたのむmomidedetanomu】to supplicate; to implore humbly
たのもしいtanomoshiiもしいたのもしいtanomoshii】reliable; trustworthy; hopeful; promising
もしいすえたのもしいsuetanomoshii】promising (future)
たよtayoruたよるtayoru】to rely on; to have recourse to; to depend on
Codepoints and classification codes:
45-74JIS X 0208
5198.6Four Corner
1561De Roo
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