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イン/IN/    オン/ON/    の.む/    -の.み/-no.mi/IN/イン/    ON/オン/の.む/    -no.mi/-の.み/

drink;  smoke;  take Frenchboire;  fumer;  prendre Portuguesebeber;  fumar;  tomar Spanishbeber

Radical: (eat).   Strokes: 12画.   Elements: 欠食.   Variants: .   Pinyin: yǐn / yìn.   Hangul:  [eum].

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N4.

Example compounds:
インINぼういんbōin】heavy drinking
りゅういんryūin】gloating; satisfaction
しいんshiin】sampling a drink; tasting
オンON酒戒ふおんじゅかいfuonjukai】Buddhist precept prohibiting the consumption of alcohol
nomuのむnomu】to drink; to smoke (tobacco); to engulf; to keep down; to accept (e.g. demand, condition); to make light of
一気にいっきにのむikkininomu】to drink in one gulp
一服いっぷくのむippukunomu】to have a smoke
Codepoints and classification codes:
16-91JIS X 0208
8778.2Four Corner
2862De Roo
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