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ジン/JIN/    ニン/NIN/    ひと/hito/    -り/-ri/    -と/-to/JIN/ジン/    NIN/ニン/    hito/ひと/    -ri/-り/    -to/-と/

person Frenchêtre humain;  personne Portuguesepessoa Spanishpersona

Radical: (human).   Strokes: 2画.   Pinyin: rén.   Hangul:  [in].   Nanori:  /  /  / ひこ / ふみji / to / ne / hiko / fumi.

Jōyō Kanji 1st Grade.   JLPT N5.

Example compounds:
ジンJIN原始げんしじんgenshijin】primitive man
さいじんsaijin】talented person; clever person
じんちくjinchiku】men and animals
ニンNIN商売しょうばいにんshōbainin】merchant; expert (professional) in a given trade or profession; woman working in the nightlife business (bar or nightclub hostess, geisha, etc.)
ばいにんbainin】trader; smuggler; pusher; drug dealer; drug runner
ひとhito当たりひとあたりhitoatari】one's manners; one's attitude
食いひとくいhitokui】cannibalism; man-eating (e.g. tiger)
付き合いひとづきあいhitodukiai】social disposition
Codepoints and classification codes:
31-45JIS X 0208
8000.0Four Corner
1262De Roo
Dictionary indices:
339Classic Nelson
99The New Nelson Character Dictionary by A. Nelson
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モウ//    ボウ//    あみがしら/amigashira/    よこめ/yokome/MOU/モウ/    BOU/ボウ/    amigashira/あみがしら/    yokome/よこめ/

net radical variant (no. 122)

Radical: (net).   Strokes: 5画.   Variants: .   Pinyin: gāng.

Codepoints and classification codes:
52-84JIS X 0212
2-84-74JIS X 0213
Dictionary indices:
3045New Japanese-English Character Dictionary by J. Halpern
28200Daikanwajiten 「大漢和辞典」 by T. Morohashi


Additional translation:

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