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Specialized Terminology Dictionary

Twelve specialized dictionaries concentrating on Aviation, Concrete, Engineering and Science, Environment, Finance, Geology, Law, Linguistics, Manufacture, Business & Marketing, Life Science, River and Water. Over 108,000 entries combined.

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  • Bundle words in double quotation marks to find entries which contain the words in the exact specified order. e.g. "to make do". Quotation marks work with English only. Use them to get more accurate results if your query is an English word or phrase that can also be transcribed into kana.
  • Use wildcards: * (asterisk) for zero or more characters and _ (underscore) for exactly one character. Wildcards work only on Japanese words and phrases but you can use them with rōmaji.
    Note: If used with rōmaji, one _ (underscore) equals one kana or kanji character, not one latin letter.
  • Use Revised Hepburn romanization system when searching with romanized Japanese. With the exception of long vowels which can be noted either with a macron or by doubled vowels.

Notice: Computer related terminology has been merged into the General Dictionary.


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+avi  Aviation
+con  Concrete
+sci  Science
+eng  Engineering
+env  Environment
+fin  Finance
+geo  Geology
+law  Legal
+lng  Linguistics
+man  Manufacture
+mrk  Marketing
+wtr  Water


Aviation © Ron Schei. Resource designed to assist Japanese flight students studying in English-speaking countries. Original file from May 1996. Proof-read and corrected by Teijo Kaakinen in April 2001.

Concrete © Gururaj Rao. Glossary of terms encountered in the course of translating technical reports mainly related to concrete stuctures. Some of the terms them have been supplied by clients, some rooted out from reliable dictionaries, and some from reports on the Internet. October 1997.

Engineering © James Friend. Engineering and Science Technical Dictionary compiled in 2000.

Environment © Patrick Oblander. Environmental Terminology Glossary for terms that frequently appear in Japanese environmental reports, environmental impact statements and other literature. As such, it is heavy on names of laws and organizations. It also lists a fair number of chemicals, but focuses on those that tend to occur in environmental reports. March 2003. Readme.

Finance © Kevin Seaver. Glossary of financial terms. June 1997.

Geology © Bruce Bain, Leslie Oberman. Dictionary of geological terms compiled in May 1996.

Law © The Standard Bilingual Dictionary of legal terminology from the Japanese Cabinet Secretariat website combined with the University of Washington glossary. March 2009.

Linguistics © Francis Bond. Dictionary of Computational Linguistics. The list ranges from parts-of-speech to terms used in theoretical and computational linguistics. LINGDIC. September 1998.

Manufacture © Glossary of Manufacturing in General, Molding, and Paper Manufacturing. October 2003. manufdic.

Marketing © Adam Rice. Business & marketing glossary lists from the Honyaku WWW pages. June 1997.

Science © Shuji Kaneko, Department of Pharmacology, Kyoto University. Life Science dictionary containing over 34,000 Japanese words frequently-used in trend Life Science articles. Lsd Project (Life Science Dictionary Project) is supported by Grants-in-Aid from Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, Japan. January 1997.

Water © 国際建設技術協会 (Infrastructure Development Institute Japan). River and Water Resources. October 2004. riverwater.


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