Tangorin is a free online bidirectional Japanese-English dictionary based mostly on open glossary projects maintained by the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group, started by Professor Jim Breen at Monash University in 1999. If you wish to contribute to the project, you can do that through EDRDG's main dictionary website: WWWJDIC.

Tangorin was initially developed by Gregory Bober, and now developed and owned by Archie Preston. It started in October 2007 as a simple tool to create and review vocabulary

Contact the author directly by email at 📧 tangorinwebmaster@gmail.com, via Facebook: fb.com/tangorin, or Twitter: @tangorin.

Data sources

The Japanese-Multilingual Dictionary is an XML database with over 178,000 word definitions, the core of Tangorin's Words dictionary. Started in 1999 as EDICT and EDICT2, part of the EDRDG project (license).
An XML kanji database with over 13,000 entries from JIS X 0208, JIS X 0212 and JIS X 0213 standards including readings, meanings, and basic character info. Maintained by the EDRDG (license).
The Japanese Multilingual Named Entity Dictionary is an XML format of the ENAMDICT file containing over 740,000 proper names definitions, core of Tangorin's Names dictionary, maintained by the EDRDG (license).
Radical decomposition of 13,108 kanji from the JIS standard. The multi-radical search and kanji elements are based on this file. Inital project started by Micheal Raine in 1994, further revised by Jim Breen of the EDRDG, currently maintained by Jim Rose of KanjiCafe.com (license).
Project responsible for SVG kanji stroke order diagrams. Used also for multi-radical search and character decomposition. Copyright: Ulrich Apel, released under CC BY-SA 3.0 license.
A collection of example sentences and translations. Project started by Trang Ho in 2006, initially based on The Tanaka Corpus focusing solely on Japanese-English sentences. Maintained under CC BY 2.0 license.


Part-of-speech and morphological analyzer responsible for example sentences deconstruction and furigana. Maintained by Taku Kudo, released under GPL.
Javascript utility library for checking and converting between kanji, hiragana, katakana, and romaji. Project sponsored and maintained by the good folks at Tofugu and WaniKani, released under the MIT license.