Tangorin is an online Japanese-English bidirectional words, kanji, and proper names dictionary with example sentences and many features to help you learn the Japanese language:

  • Various Look-up Methods

    Search with English and/or Japanese, kana, kanji, or rōmaji. Use wildcards: _ for one character, * for zero or more. Select a dictionary to see the full list of search options.
  • Customizable Search Results Appearance

    Click on the Settings button in top right corner to choose how to view Japanese words: with readings in furigana, kana, or rōmaji, adjust the font size, style, etc..
  • Vocabulary Lists

    Create an account and start saving words to your own vocabulary lists that you can share with others, print out, or export to use in other software.
  • Mobile-Friendly

    All your search results and vocabulary lists are stored in your browser's memory so you can use the back button and navigate the website even after losing your internet connection.
  • Interactive Interface

    Click on any kanji or word in example sentences to load the definition directly into your current search results without navigating away.

October 2018 Update

Here's a list of most important changes to Tangorin:

  • You can now search with inflected words.
  • Fixed mobile interface with fast back/forward navigation that doesn't require internet connection.
  • New Settings to display Japanese words.
  • The Specialized dictionary has been dropped since most of the entries were already present in the Words dictionary and the source files were outdated and no longer maintained.
  • The option to add your own custom entries to Vocabulary lists is gone.

You can still access the old version by going to old.tangorin.com. Whatever changes you make to your account or vocabulary lists will not be reflected here.

This is still a work in progress. Some missing features might come back. A lot new things coming.

If you have any issues with your account or find any bugs please email me at contact@tangorin.com.