Privacy Policy

All traffic is encrypted using an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt.

We do not store any search queries and IP addresses when you use the dictionary.

We do use Google Analytics to gather anonymized website usage statistics.

If you use Tangorin's customization option we will store your settings in your browser's Local Storage.

Our servers are operated by Digital Ocean and are located in San Francisco, California.

When you sign up

Your password is stored encrypted using bcrypt.

We do not store your email address in plain text. It is salted and hashed using MD5 which means we can only check if your email is in our database when you want to log in or reset your password.

You will never receive emails from Tangorin.

If you request a password reset, the email address you provide is immediately discarded after the email is sent. This is the only time an email from our domain will be sent to you.

We use one cookie with a randomly generated token to know you are logged in.

Your vocabulary lists are inaccessible to anyone unless you make them public. Even if you make them public, they are exempt from search engine crawlers.