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godan ある verb (spec.) / intransitive verb:

  • to come; to go; to be (somewhere) - sometimes erroneously written 居らっしゃる - honorific language

godan ある verb (spec.) / auxiliary verb:

  • to be (doing) - after a -te form, or the particle "de" - honorific language

godan ある verb (spec.) / transitive:

  • to do - honorific language

病気byoukiga全快zenkaiなさるnasaruようにyouni I hope you will be completely cured.


godan ある verb (spec.) / transitive:

  • to say; to speak; to tell; to talk - honorific language

留守中rusuchuuブラウンBURAUNさんsantoおっしゃるossharuhougaこられましたkoraremashitayo Mr Brown came to see you were out.


godan ある verb (spec.):

  • to give; to confer; to bestow - honorific language
  • to kindly do for one; to oblige; to favour; to favor - honorific language

来てkite下さるkudasaruだけでいいdakedeiiのですnodesu I just want you to come.

むげmuge Inflection

adjectival noun / adjectival noun (achaic) / noun:

  • free from obstacles

godan ある verb (spec.) / intransitive verb:


lower nidan verb (archaic) / transitive:

  • to want; to wish for - often now as ...(を)求む 求める
  • to request; to demand - archaism 求める
  • to seek; to search for; to pursue (pleasure); to hunt (a job) - archaism 求める
  • to purchase; to buy - polite language - archaism 求める

求人広告kyuujinkoukokuにはniha女性joseiwo求むmotomutoはっきりhakkiri書かれていたkakareteita The job advertisement specifically requested females.

イエスIESUfu反りsoriteそのsonohiたるtaruwomitegenhikyuufunaniwo求むmotomuruka」。 Turning around, Jesus saw them following and asked, "What do you want?"


yodan ~る verb (archaic) / intransitive verb:

  • to be - usu. ございます in modern Japanese - polite language - archaism - abbreviation 御座在る

~しく adjective (archaic):

  • unusual; rare; curious - archaism
ことなしkotonashi Inflection

~く adjective (archaic):

  • uneventful; peaceful; safe - archaism
  • easy; simple - archaism

noun / adjectival noun:

  • having nothing to do - archaism

~く adjective (archaic):

  • good; excellent; fine; nice; pleasant; agreeable 良い

良しyoshiそのsono意気ikide That's the spirit.


yodan ~む verb (archaic) / intransitive verb:


upper nidan verb (archaic) / yodan ~る verb (archaic) / lower nidan verb (archaic) / intransitive verb:


yodan ~す verb (archaic) / transitive:

  • to live deeply in love - archaism

lower nidan verb (archaic) / intransitive verb:

  • to be lovesick - archaism

yodan ~る verb (archaic) / intransitive verb:

  • to cause heartache because of a (hidden) love; to be miserable because of love - archaism
そそうsosou Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • carelessness; careless mistake; blunder
  • wetting one's pants

adjectival noun (achaic) / noun:

  • crude; coarse - archaism
けんぜんkenzen Inflection

~たる adjective / ~と adverb / adjectival noun (achaic):

  • clear; manifest Antonym: 隠然

upper nidan verb (archaic) / intransitive verb:

  • to fall down; to drop; to fall (e.g. rain); to sink (e.g. sun or moon); to fall onto (e.g. light or one's gaze) - archaism 落ちる
  • to be omitted; to be missing - archaism 落ちる
  • to crash; to degenerate; to degrade; to fall behind - archaism 落ちる
  • to be removed (e.g. illness, possessing spirit, name on a list) - archaism 落ちる
  • to fall (into someone's hands); to become someone's possession - archaism 落ちる
  • to fall; to be defeated; to surrender - archaism 落ちる

yodan ~ふ verb (archaic):

  • to say; to be pleased to say (hint of sarcasm) - polite language

yodav ~ぐ verb (archaic) / intransitive verb:

  • to babble (of a stream) - archaism

~く adjective (archaic):

  • difficult; hard - archaism 難い

流言飛語ryuugenhigoni惑わされるmadowasareruべからずbekarazuとはtohaいうiuものmonono言うiuha易くyasuku行うokonauha難しkatashito思わないomowanai They say you shouldn't take rumors seriously, but that's easier said than done.


lower nidan verb (archaic) / transitive:

  • to look up to; to respect - archaism 崇める

lower nidan verb (archaic) / transitive:

  • to change; to alter; to revise; to replace - archaism 改める
  • to examine; to check; to inspect - archaism 改める

expression / yodan ~る verb (archaic):

  • be; is - polite copula - polite language ご座る


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