いっしょうけんめいisshoukenmei Inflection

adjectival noun / adverbial noun / noun:

  • very hard; with utmost effort; with all one's might; for dear life - four character idiom 一所懸命

もっとmotto一生懸命isshoukenmei勉強benkyouすべきsubekiだったdattaのにnoni You should have worked harder.

ししゃごにゅうshishagonyuu Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • rounding (fractions); rounding half up - four character idiom

5814wonokuraini四捨五入shishagonyuuすればsurebananiになりますninarimasuka What's 5,814 rounded to the nearest thousand?


adverbial noun / temporal noun:

  • two days before yesterday; three days back (ago) - four character idiom
むちゃくちゃmuchakuchaatejiムチャクチャMUCHAKUCHA Inflection

adjectival noun:

  • nonsensical; unreasonable; absurd; unrealistic - four character idiom
  • awfully; extremely; to excess; senseless; reckless

noun / adjectival noun:

  • disorder; confusion; being jumbled; being mixed up


  • very; extremely; excessively - colloquialism

彼女kanojoha泣きnakiながらnagarakareからkarano手紙tegamiwoむちゃくちゃmuchakuchani引き裂いてhikisaite捨てたsuteta In tears, she tore up his letter and threw it away.

きまじめkimajimeirr.irr. Inflection

adjectival noun / noun:

  • too serious; person who is too serious; honesty; sincerity - four character idiom

彼女kanojoha生真面目kimajimenakaode冗談joudanwo言いiiましmashita She told the joke with a straight face.

じきしょうそうjikishousouirr. Inflection

adjectival noun / noun / ~の noun:

  • premature - four character idiom

imaそのsono計画keikakuwo実施jisshiするsurunoha時期尚早jikishousouであるdearu It is premature to put the plan into practice now.


adverb / noun:

  • forcibly; against one's will - 矢理 is ateji - four character idiom

kareha無理やりmuriyari残業zangyouさせられたsaserareta He was forced to work overtime.



しこうさくごshikousakugo Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • trial and error - four character idiom

解決策kaiketsusakuga功を奏したkouwosoushitanoha試行錯誤shikousakugono結果kekkaだったdatta Finding a solution that worked was a process of trial and error.


adverbial noun / temporal noun:

  • spring, summer, autumn (fall) and winter; the four seasons - four character idiom


  • bargain goods; eye-catching goods; featured product; loss leader - four character idiom
かしょうひょうかkashouhyouka Inflection

noun / ~する noun / ~の noun:

  • underestimation; undervaluation - four character idiom

音楽ongakuno重要性juuyouseiha過小評価kashouhyoukaされているsareteiru The importance of music is underrated.



  • just cause; good reason; pretext; justification - four character idiom
  • duty (to one's country, sovereign, etc.) - four character idiom

ロブソンROBUSONno提案teianha大義名分taigimeibungaあるaruからといってkaratoitteテロリストTERORISUTOwo擁護yougoするsuruようなyounaものであるmonodearu Robson's proposal is tantamount to defending terrorists because they have a cause.

きょうみしんしんkyoumishinshin Inflection

~の noun / ~たる adjective / ~と adverb:

  • very interesting; of absorbing interest; having a keen interest (in); being immensely curious (about) - four character idiom

トムTOMUha興味津々kyoumishinshinda Tom is curious.



  • three-legged race - four character idiom
  • cooperation with singleness of purpose (e.g. between companies); operating in tandem

いやでもおうでもiyademooudemoこれからkorekarahakimito二人三脚nininsankyakude仕事shigotowoするsuruしかshikaないnainokane Like it or not, we're in this together. All we can do is work as closely as if we were joined at the hip.



  • summer greeting card; inquiry after someone's health in the hot season - four character idiom 暑中お見舞い

暑中見舞いshochuumimaiwoみんなminnani書いたkaita I wrote to everybody inquiring after their health in the hot season.

うやむやuyamuya Inflection

adjectival noun / noun:

  • indefinite; hazy; vague; unsettled; undecided - four character idiom


  • in concert; with one voice; unanimously - four character idiom


  • killing two birds with one stone - four character idiom


  • Golden Age - four character idiom


  • established fact; fait accompli - four character idiom


  • change of pace; change of mood; (mental) break (e.g. going for a walk); refreshment - four character idiom

気分転換kibuntenkanni散歩sanpoしようshiyou Let's take a walk for a change.


noun / ~の noun:

  • revival from the brink of death; recovering from a hopeless situation; resuscitation; revitalization - four character idiom

松井matsui起死回生kishikaiseino逆転gyakuten満塁manruiサヨナラホームランSAYONARAHOOMURAN Matsui pulled the Giants back from the brink with a grand slam that gave them a come-from-behind victory.



  • (organ) rejection - four character idiom
  • unthinking dismissal; strong reaction (against)

信じていたshinjiteitaかどうかkadoukahaともかくtomokaku超常的なchoutsunetekina話題wadaini拒絶反応kyozetsuhannougaあるaruということはないtoiukotohanaiようだyouda I don't know whether she believed me or not but in any case it seems she doesn't automatically dismiss talk of the supernatural.


~の noun / noun:

  • missing; lost; unaccounted for; whereabouts unknown - four character idiom

3人ga依然izen行方不明yukuefumeiですdesu Three people are still missing.

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