• official; civil service

Kanji definition:


attend; doing; official; serve

人亻 human
사 [sa]
Stroke order:
Example words:
work; job; business; occupation; employment; vocation; task; / work
structure; construction; arrangement; contrivance; mechanism; workings; / plan; plot; contrivance
way; method; means; resource; course
device; contrivance; mechanism; gadget; / trick; trap; calculated manipulation; gambit; / (small) scale; half finished; / commencement; initiation; / set up; laying out; preparation; / challenge; attack
service; ministry; attendance; church work; / offering goods at a reduced price; providing a service for free

Partial results:

しごとshigoto Inflection

noun / ~する noun / ~の noun:

  • work; job; business; occupation; employment; vocation; task
  • work - Physics term

あなたanataha仕事shigotoga気に入っているkiniitteiruto思いますomoimasu」「いやiyaそれどころかsoredokoroka嫌いkiraiですdesu "I believe you like your job" "On the contrary, I hate it".

atejiしあいshiaiateji Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • match; game; bout; contest

そのsono試合shiaiha何時ni始まりますhajimarimasuka What time does the game start?



  • way; method; means; resource; course

あなたanatahaチェスCHESUno仕方shikatawo知っていますshitteimasuka Do you know how to play chess?

しあわせshiawaseしやわせshiyawaseirr.old Inflection

adjectival noun / noun:

  • happiness; good fortune; luck; blessing

金持ちkanemochiga幸せshiawaseとは限らないtohakagiranai The rich are not always happy.

したくshitaku Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • preparation; arrangements

すぐにsugunitabino支度shitakuwoshiなさいnasai Get ready for the trip at once.



しまうshimau Inflection

godan ~う verb / transitive:

  • to finish; to stop; to end; to put an end to; to bring to a close
  • to close (a business, etc.); to close down; to shut down; to shut up
  • to put away; to put back; to keep; to store

auxiliary verb / godan ~う verb:

  • to finish ...; to do ... completely - after the -te form of a verb, indicates completion (and sometimes reluctance, regret, etc.)

このkono世界sekaino教育kyouikunihaがっかりgakkariしてshiteしまうshimau Education in this world disappoints me.

もしmoshi疲れているtsukareteiruならnara寝たらnetaraどうdou?」 「bokugaima寝たらnetaraあまりamarini早くhayaku目覚めてmezameteしまうshimauからkara。」 "If you're tired, why don't you go to sleep?" "Because if I go to sleep now I will wake up too early."

しょうがないshouganaiしようがないshiyouganai Inflection

expression / adjective:

  • it can't be helped; it is inevitable; nothing can be done; there's no point (in doing something); there's no reason (to do something)
しあがるshiagaru Inflection

godan ~る verb / intransitive verb:

  • to be finished; to be completed; to be done

それsoreha1日ka2日de仕上がるshiagaru It will be finished in a day or two.

しくみshikumi Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • structure; construction; arrangement; contrivance; mechanism; workings
  • plan; plot; contrivance

経済学keizaigakuha経済keizaino仕組みshikumiwo研究kenkyuuするsuru学問gakumonであるdearu Economics is the study of economic mechanisms.



  • device; contrivance; mechanism; gadget
  • trick; trap; calculated manipulation; gambit
  • (small) scale; half finished
  • commencement; initiation
  • set up; laying out; preparation
  • challenge; attack

このkono仕掛けshikakehaスイッチSUITCHIde動くugoku This device is actuated by a switch.



  • way; method; means; resource; remedy
  • (technical) specification

仕様shiyou価格kakakuha変更henkouするsuruことがありますkotogaarimasu Specifications and price are subject to change.



  • end; finishing touches; being finished

仕上げshiagenofudewo少しsukoshi加えるkuwaeru I add a few finishing touches.



  • finish; end; completion

素敵なsutekina仕上がりshiagaridawa You have done a wonderful job.

しあげるshiageru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to finish up; to complete; to finish off; to get through; to polish off

明日ashitaまでmadeni仕上げるshiageru必要hitsuyouhaありませんarimasen You don't need to finish it by tomorrow.

したてるshitateru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to tailor; to make (clothing)
  • to train; to bring up
  • to make it seem like; to pass off
  • to turn into a play or movie
  • to prepare; to send; to despatch

スーツSUUTSUwo仕立てるshitateruときtokiha正確seikakuna採寸saisunga必要hitsuyoutoなりnariますmasu It's necessary to take correct measurements when you are tailoring a suit.

しいれるshiireru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to lay in stock; to replenish stock; to procure
  • to learn; to find out; to take in
しまつshimatsuirr. Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • management; dealing with; settlement; cleaning up; disposal


  • course of events; circumstances; particulars
  • end result (usu. bad); outcome

noun / ~する noun / adjectival noun:

  • economizing; economising; frugality; being thrifty

kareha午後gogoいっぱいippai使ってtsukatte昨年sakunennoほうれん草hourensounonewo始末shimatsuしたshita He's spent all afternoon rooting up last year's spinach plants.

世界sekaiからkaraha麻疹hashika輸出国yushutsukokuto嫌味iyamitomo本音honnetomoとれるtoreruことkotowoいわれているiwareteiru始末shimatsu Ending up with being called a "measles exporting country" by the rest of the world, something that you could take as insult or truth.

しかけるshikakeru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to start; to begin; to commence
  • to challenge; to pick (a fight); to make (war)
  • to set (traps); to plant (explosives); to lay (mines)
  • to make a meld call - Mahjong term 鳴く【なく】

watashiたちtachihawanawo仕掛けるshikakeruべきbekida We should set a trap.

つかえるtsukaeru Inflection

ichidan verb / intransitive verb:

  • to serve; to work for; to attend

karehakareni仕えるtsukaeru召使いmeshitsukaiga三人いたita He had three servants to wait on him.

しきるshikiru Inflection

godan ~る verb / transitive:

  • to partition; to divide; to mark off; to itemize
  • to direct; to take control; to manage; to take responsibility
  • to settle accounts
  • to toe the mark
しつけるshitsukeru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to be used to; to get accustomed to; to be in the habit of doing
  • to train; to discipline; to teach manners 躾ける
  • to tack (in needlework); to baste
  • to plant (esp. rice seedlings)


  • custom; convention; tradition; mores; conventional practice

watashihaそのsonoしきたりshikitariwoよくyoku知っているshitteiru I am acquainted with the custom.



kyakugaiなかっnakataのでnodemisewohaya仕舞いshimainishita There were no customers, so we closed the shop earlier.



  • doer; performer
  • protagonist (in noh or kyogen); hero; leading part; main character - usually written using kana alone
  • speculator (in trading) 仕手

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