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けんかkenka Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • quarrel; brawl; fight; squabble; scuffle; argument

ケンKENtoけんかkenkaしたshitanoka Did you have a fight with Ken?

やかましいyakamashiiateji Inflection


  • noisy; loud; clamorous; boisterous
  • much talked of; much-discussed; vexed
  • strict; severe; stern
  • particular; fussy; fastidious; fault-finding; carping

ジョーJOOhaやかましいyakamashii隣人rinjinto口をきくkuchiwokiku間柄aidagaraではなかったdehanakatta Joe was not on speaking terms with his noisy neighbor.

大気汚染taikiosenに対してnitaishiteno世論serongaついにtsuiniやかましくyakamashikuなったnatta Public feeling against air pollution has at last became vocal.

karehaそのsonokotoにはnihaあまりamariやかましくないyakamashikunai He is not very strict about it.

私のwatashinochichiha食べ物tabemonoにはniha大変taihenやかましいyakamashii My father cares much about food.

けんそうkensou Inflection

noun / adjectival noun:

  • tumult; great noise; clatter; hustle and bustle

大都会daitokaino喧騒kensouto雑踏zattounonakani住んでいるsundeiruto時折tokiori田舎inakani出かけてdekakete行きikiたくtakuなるnaru Living in the noise and bustle of a large city, we sometimes feel like going into the country.

けんかをかうkenkawokau Inflection

expression / godan ~う verb:

  • to get into a fight; to take up the gauntlet; to accept a challenge
けんけんごうごうkenkengougou Inflection

noun / ~の noun / ~たる adjective / ~と adverb:

  • wild uproar; pandemonium; clamor of voices; tumult - four character idiom
  • noisy; uproarious; clamorous

noun / ~の noun:

  • belligerent

えらくerakuご機嫌gokigenななめnanameneけんか腰kenkagoshiにならないninaranaide Wow, you're really in a bad mood. Don't get scrappy.

けんでんkenden Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • spreading around (news, etc.); talking about widely
けんけんがくがくkenkengakugaku Inflection

~たる adjective / ~と adverb:



  • beginning (developing into) a quarrel (a fight, an altercation) - four character idiom
けんかっぱやいkenkappayaiケンカっぱやいKENKAppayaiけんかっぱやいkenkappayai Inflection


けんかばやいkenkabayaiケンカばやいKENKAbayaiけんかばやいkenkabayai Inflection


けんぜんkenzen Inflection

~たる adjective / ~と adverb:

  • noisy; boisterous; lively


  • in a quarrel, both parties are to blame
けんかをうるkenkawouru Inflection

expression / godan ~る verb:

  • to pick a fight
けんかわかれkenkawakareケンカわかれKENKAwakare Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • (of a couple) fighting and splitting up

bokuha友達tomodachito喧嘩別れkenkawakareしたshita I parted from my friend in anger.

けんかをふっかけるkenkawofukkakeru Inflection

expression / ichidan verb:

  • to pick a fight
かしましいkashimashiiかしがましいkashigamashiiかまびすしいkamabisushii Inflection


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