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いくikuゆくyukuold Inflection

godan -いく/-ゆく verb (spec.) / intransitive verb:

  • to go; to move (in a direction or towards a specific location); to head (towards); to be transported (towards); to reach 来る【くる】
  • to proceed; to take place - い sometimes omitted in auxiliary use 旨く行く
  • to pass through; to come and go
  • to walk
  • to die; to pass away 逝く
  • to do (in a specific way)
  • to stream; to flow

auxiliary verb:

  • to continue

godan -いく/-ゆく verb (spec.) / intransitive verb:

  • to have an orgasm; to come; to cum - usually written using kana alone
  • to trip; to get high; to have a drug-induced hallucination - usually written using kana alone - slang

歩いてaruite行くikuものmonomoいればireba自転車jitenshade行くikuものmonomoいたita Some went on foot, and others by bicycle.

これらのkorerano規則kisokuhaずっとzutto守られてmamorareteきたkitashiこれからkorekaramoいつもitsumo守られてmamorareteいくikuだろうdarou These rules have been and always will be observed.

行くikuyo I will go.



  • the way there; outbound leg; outbound trip; departing leg

suffix noun:


  • outbound ticket

10jimaeにはnihaホテルHOTERUwo出発しshuppatsushiなければなりませんnakerebanarimasenさもなければsamonakerebaマイアミMAIAMI行きikino電車denshawo乗り逃がしてnorinigashiteしまいますshimaimasu We must leave the hotel before 10 a.m., otherwise we will miss the train for Miami.

watashiha歯医者haisha行きikiwo延ばさnobasaねばならないnebanaranai I must postpone going to the dentist.

おうふくoufuku Inflection

noun / ~する noun / ~の noun:

  • making a round trip; going and returning; coming and going
  • round-trip ticket; return ticket - abbreviation 往復切符
  • correspondence; exchanging (letters)
  • socializing; visiting one another

往復oufukuですかdesuka片道katamichiですかdesuka Round trip or one-way?

往復oufuku旅行ryokou片道katamichiだけdakeですdesu Round trip? Only one-way.

おうらいourai Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • coming and going; traffic


  • road; street

noun / ~する noun:

  • association; socializing; socialising; fellowship; mutual visits
  • recurring (e.g. thoughts)
  • correspondence

多くookunohitoga往来ouraiするsuru Many a man comes and goes.

watashiha往来ouraide財布saifuwo拾ったhirotta I picked up a purse in the street.

おうじょうoujou Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • passing on to the next life - Buddhism term
  • death
  • giving up a struggle; submission
  • being at one's wits' end; being flummoxed
  • coercion

こういうkouiu実行jikkou不可能なfukanouna提案teianにはniha往生oujouするsuru Those impossible suggestions just annoy me.

往生oujouせいやseiya Fuck you!

いききikikiゆききyukiki Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • coming and going; keeping in touch; visiting each other
  • street traffic; highway

好きなようにsukinayouni行き来ikikiしてshiteいいiiですdesuyo You may come and go at will.


noun / ~の noun:

  • years gone by; earlier years; former years; the past
おうしんoushin Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • doctor's visit; house call 宅診

医者ishaha午後gogoken往診oushinしたshita The doctor made six house calls in the afternoon.

おうかんoukan Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • traffic; coming and going; highway


  • ancient times


  • sometimes; often

ずば抜けたzubanuketa着想chakusouというのはtoiunoha往々ououniしてshite天啓tenkeinoごとくgotokuヒラメクHIRAMEKUようだyouda Sometimes the most inspired ideas seem to just come from out of the blue.



  • outward journey
いなすinasu Inflection

godan ~す verb / transitive:

  • to parry; to sidestep; to dodge
おうじょうぎわのわるいoujougiwanowarui Inflection


いぬinu Inflection

godan ~ぬ verb / ~ぬ verb (irregular) / intransitive verb:

  • to go home - Kansai dialect
  • to go; to leave - archaism

~ぬ verb (irregular) / intransitive verb:

  • to pass (of time) - archaism
  • to die - archaism
  • to go bad; to rot - archaism


  • ancient times; times of old; time long since passed


  • sometimes; occasionally; now and then; from time to time


  • outward voyage


  • the past; past events


  • reciprocating pump


  • reciprocating engine

expression / noun:

  • going back and forth; changing scenery (theatre); fluctuation (e.g. in a market)
おうじびょうぼうoujibyoubou Inflection

~たる adjective / ~と adverb:

  • memories of the past events (being, becoming) far and distant - archaism - four character idiom 往事茫々


  • first half of a reply card
おうじぼうぼうoujiboubou Inflection

~たる adjective / ~と adverb:

  • memories of the past events (being, becoming) far and distant - archaism - four character idiom 往事渺茫

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