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はさむhasamuold Inflection

godan ~む verb / transitive:

  • to hold between; to grip with (from both sides); to nip; to catch (e.g. one's finger in a door)
  • to put between; to sandwich between; to insert; to interpose; to interject
  • to be on either side of (a road, table, etc.); to be across (a street, river, etc.); to have between each other

ドアDOAniyubiwoはさみましたhasamimashita I caught my finger in the door.

karehamimini鉛筆enpitsuwo挟んだhasanda He stuck his pencil behind his ear.

彼らkarerahaテーブルTEEBURUwoはさんでhasande向かい合ったmukaiatta They confronted each other across the table.

はさまるhasamaru Inflection

godan ~る verb / intransitive verb:

  • to get between; to be caught in
はさみうちhasamiuchi Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • pincer attack; attack on both sides (flanks)
きょうさつkyousatsu Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • rundown - Baseball term


  • earwig


  • possession of books


  • piece-capturing board game
はさみこむhasamikomu Inflection

godan ~む verb / transitive:

  • to insert; to put between; to tuck (e.g. fabric into a gap)
はさみあげるhasamiageru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to pick up (with chopsticks); to take
きょうげきkyougeki Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • pincer movement; pincer attack

これkore以上ijouここkokodeもたついてるmotatsuiteruto後ろushirono第二dai二関門kanmonからkaramo増援zouenga来てkite挟撃kyougekiされるsareruかも知れねーkamoshireneendaze If we hang around here any longer, there could be reinforcements coming from the second gate to take us in a pincer movement!

はさみきるhasamikiru Inflection

godan ~る verb / transitive:

  • to nip off; to snip; to clip; to trim off


  • grilled slices of lotus root, eggplant, etc. with a filling (usu. minced meat) - Food term


さしはさむsashihasamu Inflection

godan ~む verb / transitive:

  • to insert
  • to interrupt; to slip in a word
  • to harbor (e.g. doubts); to harbour; to entertain (e.g. a theory)

ええeeそうねsounetoスーザンSUUZANga言葉kotobawoさしはさむsashihasamu。「watashiga電話denwaしたshitanoha・・・」 "Ah, that's true," Susan puts in, "I just wanted to call to ..."

それでsorede疑いutagaiwoさしはさむsashihasamu余地yochihaなくなるnakunaru That leaves no room for doubt.



  • pincer operation (tactic) - four character idiom
きょうしゃkyousha Inflection

noun / ~する noun:



  • entropion forceps

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