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りゃくだつryakudatsu Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • pillage; plunder; looting; robbery

トムTOMUによってniyotteメアリーMEARIIsamaha利益riekiwo約束yakusokuするsuru略奪ryakudatsuno尊師sonshino一つhitotsuしかshikaありませんarimasen According to Tom, Mary is just a predatory guru who promises gain.

さらうsarau Inflection

godan ~う verb / transitive:

  • to carry off; to run away with; to sweep away; to snatch; to kidnap; to abduct - also written as 浚う
  • to take entirely for oneself; to monopolize
かするkasuru Inflection

godan ~る verb / transitive:

  • to graze (e.g. bullet); to scratch; to touch lightly
  • to take a percentage; to exploit; to squeeze
すりきずsurikizuかすりきずkasurikizuすりきずsurikizuかすりきずkasurikizuすりきずsurikizuかすりきずkasurikizuさっしょうsasshouかすりきずkasurikizuすりきずsurikizu Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • scratch; graze; abrasion

kareno周りmawarinoものmonoha全てsubete粉々にkonagonani吹き飛ばされたfukitobasaretagakarehaすり傷surikizu1つhitotsu負わずowazuni逃げたnigeta Everything around him was blown to pieces, yet he escaped without a scratch.

かすめるkasumeru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to steal; to rob; to snatch; to pocket; to plunder
  • to deceive; to trick; to cheat
  • to graze (in passing); to skim; to brush against; to touch lightly
  • to appear and quickly disappear (a thought, a smile, etc.); to flit (through one's mind, across one's face)
  • to do (something) while no one is looking - often as 目をかすめて
  • to hint at; to suggest; to insinuate - archaism

トラックTORAKKUha狭いsemaimichiwoheiniかすめるkasumeruようにyouni通ったkayotta The truck scraped along the wall in the narrow road.

かすめとるkasumetoru Inflection

godan ~る verb / transitive:

  • to snatch; to steal
かすめうばうkasumeubau Inflection

godan ~う verb:

  • to plunder


  • grazing; touching lightly
  • squeezing (someone for money); percentage; kickback
かすれるkasureru Inflection

ichidan verb / intransitive verb:

  • to get blurred
  • to get hoarse; to get husky
  • to graze; to scrape; to touch
りゃくするryakusuru Inflection

~する verb (spec.) / transitive:

  • to abbreviate; to omit 略する
  • to take; to capture






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