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けいじkeiji Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • notice; bulletin; post; posting; placard

掲示keijiにはniha全席zenseki予約済みyoyakuzumitoあったatta "Fully booked" was on the notice.



  • publication (e.g. of an article in a newspaper); carrying (e.g. a story); running (e.g. a serial); insertion (e.g. of an advertisement); printing; posting (e.g. on the web)

教育産業kyouikusangyouni関する関suru情報jouhouwo掲載keisaiしたshitaインターネットサイトINTAANETTOSAITOにはniha以下ikanoようなyounaものmonogaありますarimasu Among the Internet sites that publish information on education related businesses are those given below.

かかげるkakageru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to publish; to print; to carry (an article)
  • to put up; to hang out; to hoist; to fly (a sail); to float (a flag, kite, etc.)
  • to tuck up (e.g. sleeves); to roll up
  • to tout (a principle, plan, etc.); to adopt (a slogan)
  • to stoke a fire; to fan a flame

以下ikani掲げるkakageruhitoga合格goukakuですdesu The following persons passed the examination.

安全anzennoためにtameni機械kikainomaeni掲示keijiwo掲げるkakageruつもりtsumorida We will set up a notice in front of the machine for safety's sake.



  • bulletin board; display board; notice board
  • electronic bulletin board; BBS 電子掲示板

掲示板keijibanにはniha危険kiken1万ボルトBORUTOto書いてあるkaitearu The notice says, "Danger! 10,000 VOLTS."

けいようkeiyou Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • hoisting (e.g. a flag); raising; flying; putting up
けいしゅつkeishutsu Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • posting (e.g. a notice); displaying; putting up


  • (formal) topic at hand; current topic 例の件
けいじをだすkeijiwodasu Inflection

expression / godan ~す verb:

  • to post a notice; to put up a notice


  • subject (e.g. of an email); title


  • bulletin board system; BBS

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