ameニモマケズ/NIMOMAKEZU/kazeニモマケズ/NIMOMAKEZU/yukiニモNIMOnatsuNOatsuサニモマケヌ/SANIMOMAKENU/丈夫joubuナカラダヲモチ/NAKARADAWOMOCHI/yokuハナク/HANAKU/ketsuシテ瞋ラズ/イツモシズカニワラッテイルSHITE瞋RAZU/ITSUMOSHIZUKANIWARATTEIRU He's not beaten by the rain, he's not beaten by the wind, neither the snow nor the heat of the summer will beat him, his body is robust, without greed, he never angers, but is always serenely smiling.

Kanji definition:

ケツKETSUめるki.meru~ぎ gi.meまるki.marusa.ku

decide; fix; agree upon; appoint

水氵氺 water
결 [gyeol]
Stroke order:
Example words:
judicial decision; judgement; judgment; sentence; decree
decision; determination
settlement; solution; resolution
resolution; vote; decision
always; without fail; invariably; usually; regularly

Partial results:



  • never; by no means; not in the least; in no way - with neg. verb

アンディANDEIhaけっしてkesshiteデートDEETOniおくれたokuretaことkotohaないnai Andy is never late for a date.

きまるkimaruirr. Inflection

godan ~る verb / intransitive verb:

  • to be decided; to be settled
  • to look good in (clothes)

otokonotoshiha気持ちkimochide決まりkimarionnanotoshiha容貌youboude決まるkimaru A man is as old as he feels, and a woman as old as she looks.

きめるkimeru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to decide; to choose; to determine; to make up one's mind; to resolve; to set one's heart on; to settle; to arrange; to set; to appoint; to fix
  • to clinch (a victory); to decide (the outcome of a match)
  • to persist in doing; to go through with
  • to always do; to have made a habit of - as 決めている
  • to take for granted; to assume
  • to dress up; to dress to kill; to dress to the nines
  • to carry out successfully (a move in sports, a pose in dance, etc.); to succeed in doing
  • to immobilize with a double-arm lock (in sumo, judo, etc.) - Martial Arts, Sumo term
  • to eat or drink something; to take illegal drugs

私たちwatashitachigaそこsokohe行くikuかどうかkadoukawo決めるkimerunoha君のkimino責任sekininda It's up to you to decide whether we'll go there or not.

屋根yaneno勾配koubaiwoどうするかdousuruka決めるkimerunohaとてもtotemo重要juuyouですdesu It is very important to decide what to do about the slope of the roof.

どんなdonna組織soshikiであれdeare内部のnaibuno融和yuuwato団結danketsuhaそのsono組織soshikino成敗seibaiwo決めるkimeru重要なjuuyouna要素yousoda For any type of organisation, internal harmony and unity are important factors in deciding its success or failure.

けっていkettei Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • decision; determination

われわれwarewareha最終的saishuuteki決定ketteiwo行ったokonatta We've made a final decision.


noun / ~の noun:

  • rule; regulation
  • settlement; conclusion; end; agreement; arrangement
  • habit; custom; habitual way 御決まり
  • countenance in front of another person; face - usu. as 決まりが悪い, etc. 決まりが悪い
  • love relationship between a customer and a prostitute - archaism

watashiha誤りayamariwo指摘shitekiされてsarete決まりkimari悪いwarui思いomoiwoしたshita I was abashed when my mistakes were pointed out.

毎日mainichinoきまりkimari仕事shigotoにはnihaつくづくtsukuzuku飽きたakita I am quite tired of daily routine.

けっしんkesshin Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • determination; resolution

すぐsugu決心kesshinするsuruようにしてyounishiteくださいkudasai Try to make up your mind soon.

けつぎketsugi Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • resolution; vote; decision

そのsono集会shuukaihaいかなるikanaru核武装kakubusouにもnimo抗議kougiするsuruことkotowo決議ketsugiしたshita The assembly voted to protest against any nuclear armament.


noun / ~の noun:

  • settlement of accounts; closing accounts; financial results; reporting (of accounts)

そのsono会社kaishaha毎年maitoshi3月sangatsuni決算kessanwoするsuru The company closes its books at the end of March.



  • decision of a contest; finals (in sports)

決勝kesshouまでmade残ったnokotta走者soushahaninだったdatta Five runners reached the finals.

けついketsui Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • decision; determination; resolution

彼女kanojohawatashini自分jibunno決意ketsuiwo知らせてshiraseteくれたkureta She informed me of her decision.

けつだんketsudan Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • decision; determination

決断ketsudannohiha近いchikai The day of decision is at hand.

きまりわるいkimariwarui Inflection


  • feeling awkward; being ashamed; being bashful
けっこうkekkou Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • doing (with resolve); carrying out (e.g. a plan)

そのsono会社kaishano労働者roudoushahaストSUTOwo決行kekkouしたshita Workers at the company went on a strike.



  • always; without fail; invariably; usually; regularly
けっちゃくketchaku Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • conclusion; decision; end; settlement

そのsono状況joukyouha戦争sensouを以てwomotteしかshika決着ketchakuできdekiないnai The situation could only be settled by war.

けっていてきketteiteki Inflection

adjectival noun / noun:

  • definite; final; decisive; conclusive

きっとkitto無罪muzaiになるninaruだけdakeno決定的ketteiteki切り札kirifudawo隠し持っているkakushimotteiruに違いないnichigainai I'm sure he has something up his sleeve.

けつれつketsuretsu Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • breakdown; rupture

交渉koushouno決裂ketsuretsuha戦争sensouwo引き起こすhikiokosuことになるkotoninaruだろうdarou A breakdown in the negotiations will mean war.



医療費iryouhi年金nenkin給付kyuufuno抑制yokuseisakuno決め手kimetehaないnaitoいえようieyou We can say that there's not a clear winner in terms of a policy to curtail medical expenses and benefits.

けっさいkessai Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • settlement; payment of account
けっせんkessen Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • decisive battle; deciding match; play-off
けつべつketsubetsu Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • separation; farewell; parting

仲間nakamato決別ketsubetsuしてshiteからkara他のtanoプレイヤーPUREIYAAwo邪魔jamaするsuruようになったyouninatta・・。 After the break-up with her game partners she started to make trouble for other players.

けっきkekki Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • rising to action; standing up against; jumping to one's feet


  • winning point; winning goal; game point (tennis, etc.); finishing line


  • final vote; run-off ballot
きめつけるkimetsukeru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to fix upon (one-sidedly); to (ignore somebody's position and) arbitrarily decide something is the case
  • to scold; to take (a person) to task

そういうsouiuno先入観sennyuukanってtteいうiundaよっyo体験taikenしたshitaことkoto無いnaiのにnoni決め付けるkimetsukerunohaよくないっyokunai That's what they call 'prejudice'! It's wrong to make your mind up on something you've never experienced!

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