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うつるutsuru Inflection

godan ~る verb / intransitive verb:

  • to move (house); to transfer (department)
  • to change the target of interest or concern
  • to elapse (passage of time)
  • to be permeated by a colour or scent
  • to be infected; to be contagious; to spread (as in fire) - usually written using kana alone

当座のtouzanoところtokorobokuha叔父ojinoieni泊めてtometeもらっているmoratteiruga将来shourai小さなchiisanaアパートAPAATOni移るutsuruつもりtsumorida I am staying with my uncle for the time being, but later I will move to a small apartment.

watashiha新居shinkyohe移るutsuruと共にtotomoniwatashino部屋heyahe引っ込んhikkonde自分jibunde炊事suijiできるdekiruだけdakeno道具douguーー土釜dogama土鍋donabe、七rinnoruiwoととのえtotonoeta When I moved into my new home, I just brought with me the things that I needed for cooking, an earthen rice cooker, an earthenware pot and an earthen charcoal brazier.

いどうidou Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • movement; transfer; migration; removal; travel

noun or verb acting prenominally:

  • mobile; moving; traveling; travelling; roving

平和なheiwanaokaya田園den'en地帯chitaiからkara通りtoorigaありari群衆gunshuugaいるiru忙しいisogashii世界sekaiheto移動idouするsurunoであるdearu They are moving from the peaceful hills and the countryside to the busy world of streets and crowds.

うつすutsusu Inflection

godan ~す verb / transitive:

  • to change; to swap; to substitute; to transfer
  • to change the object of one's interest or focus
  • to spend or take time
  • to infect 風邪を移す
  • to permeate something with the smell or colour of something
  • to move on to the next or different stage of (a plan, etc.) 実行に移す

風邪kazewohitoni移すutsusuto治るnaoruってtte本当hontou Is it true that you recover from colds when you give them to someone else?

知っているshitteiruことkototo行動koudouni移すutsusuことkotohabetsuda To know is one thing, and to do is another.

いてんiten Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • moving; relocation; change of address
  • transfer (of deeds, property, etc.); demise

4月shigatsu1日南洋nan'youフーズFUUZU株式会社kabushikigaishaha横浜yokohamano社屋社屋ni移転itenしますshimasu On April 1, Nanyo Foods Co. Ltd. will move to its new building in Yokohama.

いこうikou Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • switching over to; migration; transition

英国eikokuha、1971nenniそのsono貨幣制度kaheiseidowo10進法ni移行ikouさせたsaseta In 1971 the United Kingdom changed its currency to the decimal system.

いみんimin Inflection

noun / ~する noun / ~の noun:

  • emigration; immigration - sensitive
  • emigrant; immigrant

合衆国gasshuukokuha長い間nagaimaるつぼrutsuboとしてtoshite知られているshirareteirugaそれsoreha国民kokuminnoほとんどhotondoga移民iminno子孫shisonだからdakaraであるdearu The United States has long been known as a "melting pot" because most of its people are descended from immigrants.

ドイツDOITSUno首相shushouha移民imin問題mondaini悩まされていますnayamasareteimasu The German Chancellor is plagued by immigration problems.

いじゅうijuu Inflection

noun / ~する noun / ~の noun:

  • migration; immigration

一家ikkaha1830nengoro故国kokokunoドイツDOITSUからkaraシカゴSHIKAGOni移住ijuuしたshita The family moved from their native Germany to Chicago around the year 1830.

いしょくishoku Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • transplanting (plants, organs, culture, etc.); transplant; grafting
  • porting (software) - IT term

アメリカAMERIKAno文化bunkahaヨーロッパYOOROPPAからkara移植ishokuされたsaretaものmonoda The American culture had been transplanted from Europe.

いせきiseki Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • changing household registry; transfer (e.g. of one's name in the register)
  • transferring to a different team - Sports term
いじょうijou Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • transfer; assignment
いかんikan Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • transfer of control
いそうisou Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • transfer; transport; removal


  • moving average


  • change (e.g. season)

青年期seinenkiha移り変わりutsurikawarino時期jikiと見られているtomirareteiru Adolescence is viewed as time of transition.

うつりぎutsurigi Inflection

adjectival noun / noun:

  • fickle; capricious; inconstant; changeable; whimsical

彼女のkanojono移り気utsurigiにはnihaみんなminna当惑touwakuしているshiteiru We are all bewildered by her inconstancy.

いにゅうinyuu Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • importation; ingression; migration; transfection
うつりかわるutsurikawaru Inflection

godan ~る verb:

  • to change


  • migratory anticyclone
いせつisetsu Inflection


  • relocation (of a facility); moving establishment

~する noun:

  • to relocate; to move into place; to put into place; to adapt; to affix; to install


  • change; transition; return present


  • mobile library; bookmobile


  • distance coefficient


  • moving body


  • transplant surgery
うつりゆくutsuriyuku Inflection

godan -いく/-ゆく verb (spec.) / intransitive verb:

  • to change; to shift; to come and go

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