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~の noun / noun:

  • ultimate; final; last; eventual

人類jinruino究極kyuukyokuteki運命unmeihaどうdouなるnaruであろうdearouka What is man's ultimate destiny?

きゅうめいkyuumei Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • investigation (esp. in academic and scientific contexts)

われわれwarewareno宇宙uchuuhaまだmada生まれてumarete間もないmamonaiga理論家rironkaたちtachihaそのsono最後saigono姿sugatawo究明kyuumeiするsuruことkotoniやっきyakkiになっているninatteiru Although our universe is still young, theorists are busy exploring its ultimate fate.

きわめるkiwameru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to carry to extremes; to go to the end of something - esp. 極める, 窮める
  • to investigate thoroughly; to master - esp. 究める

多くookuno運動選手undousenshuha青年時代seinenjidaini盛りmoriwo極めるkiwameru Most athletes are at their best during their early manhood.


noun / ~の noun:

  • culmination; conclusion - Buddhism term


  • study of natural laws
  • branch of neo-Confusianist scholarship
くっきょうkukkyouきゅうきょうkyuukyou Inflection


  • after all; in the end; finally

adjectival noun / ~の noun / noun:

  • excellent; superb; handy; appropriate; ideal
  • robust; brawny; muscular; strong; sturdy くっきょう 屈強
きゅうきょくてきkyuukyokuteki Inflection

adjectival noun:

  • ultimate




  • final aim; final end; supreme end

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