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ガクガクブルブルGAKUGAKUBURUBURU Inflection

~する noun:

  • to tremble; to shiver (from stress, fear or panic); (figuratively) to experience a sense of stress, fear, or panic - onomatopoeia ガクガクブルブル

~と adverb:

  • timidly; nervously; with nervous diffidence; trembling with fear


  • feeling of dread; awful feeling; sense of fear


  • will; probably; may; I think; surely; I hope; I fear; it seems


  • honey is sweet, but the bee stings; I would like to taste fugu, but I value my life [literal]; hesitating from doing something because of fear of consequences - proverb フグ
あんずるanzuru Inflection

ichidan ~ずる verb (alt. form of じる verbs) / transitive:

  • to be anxious or concerned about; to ponder (anxiously); to fear 案ずる 案じる
  • to investigate; to consider; to plan 案じる
  • to pat; to rub; to take a sword in one's hand 按ずる

いつまでもitsumademo思い悩まないでomoinayamanaideとりあえずtoriaezu動いてugoiteみたらmitara案ずるanzuruよりyori産むumuga易しyasushidayo I'd stop worrying about it and take some action. The anxiety that comes from doing nothing is worse than any danger you might face.

ぶるぶるburuburuブルブルBURUBURU Inflection

adverb / ~と adverb / ~する noun:

  • trembling (with fear, anger, etc.); shivering (with cold); shaking; quivering - onomatopoeia


  • unpleasant feelings (e.g. hatred, disgust, revulsion, fear)
しろめをむくshiromewomuku Inflection

expression / godan ~く verb:

おののくononoku Inflection

godan ~く verb / intransitive verb:

彼女kanojohakoewoおののかせてononokasete助けてtasukete!」to叫んだsakenda In a quivering voice she cried "Help!"

あしがすくむashigasukumu Inflection

expression / godan ~む verb:

  • to freeze (from fear); to be unable to (too frightened to) run

expression / noun:

  • the Four Freedoms (as defined by Franklin D. Roosevelt: freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, freedom from fear)


  • seven emotions (in The Book of Rites: joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hate, desire); seven emotions (in Buddhism: joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure, love, hate, desire)
  • seven effects (of a traditional Chinese medicine)
さんしゃをさけるsanshawosakeru Inflection

expression / ichidan verb:

  • to keep one's distance from someone (due to fear or because that person is superior) - idiom


  • deferential treatment (out of fear)
すくむsukumu Inflection

godan ~む verb / intransitive verb:

  • to freeze (from fear, etc.); to be unable to move (e.g. from surprise); to be paralyzed (with horror, etc.)
  • to cower; to shrink in on oneself

watashihaそのsonoことkotowo考えたkangaetaだけdakedekokorogaすくむsukumu I was scared at the mere thought of it.

かたずをのむkatazuwonomu Inflection

expression / godan ~む verb:

  • to hold one's breath (in fear, anxiety, etc.)
ちぢみあがるchijimiagaru Inflection

godan ~る verb / intransitive verb:

  • to freeze (in fear, surprise, etc.); to cower; to flinch
  • to shrink up; to shrink; to shrivel up
みぶるいmiburui Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • shivering (with cold); trembling (with fear); shuddering

そのとおりsonotooriwatashihaシャワーSHAWAAwo浴びているabiteirutokini石鹸sekkengameni入るhairutoヒステリーHISUTERII状態joutaiになるninaruotokoのようにnoyounimusumenoこのkonohanashini身震いmiburuishiながらnagara言ったitta Right, I said, shivering at this recital as a man would who gets hysterical while taking a shower if a bit of soap stings his eye.

こしがぬけるkoshiganukeru Inflection

expression / ichidan verb:

  • to be unable to stand; to be weak in the knees; to be paralyzed (e.g. with fear) (paralysed); to be dumbfounded


  • tremblingly; having the chills (through fear, cold, anticipation, etc.) - onomatopoeia

expression / noun:

  • danger to oneself; (fear of) one's physical safety Antonym: 身の安全

登山tozantaiha身の危険minokikenwoそれとなくsoretonaku感じていたkanjiteita The climbers were apprehensive of their danger.

オドオドODOODOおどおどodoodo Inflection

adverb / ~と adverb / ~する noun:

  • timidly; nervously; hesitantly; trembling (with fear) - onomatopoeia
ぞくぞくzokuzokuゾクゾクZOKUZOKU Inflection

adverb / ~と adverb / ~する noun:

  • shivering; feeling chilly - onomatopoeia
  • shuddering (with fear); feeling creepy - onomatopoeia
  • thrilled; excited - onomatopoeia
きょうしゅくkyoushuku Inflection

noun / ~する noun / adjectival noun:

  • feeling obliged; being grateful; being thankful; being sorry; being ashamed - sometimes used to prefix a request

noun / ~する noun:

  • shrinking back in fear - archaism

恐縮kyoushukuですdesuga2月nigatsu27nichino約束yakusokuwoキャンセルKYANSERUさせてsaseteくださいkudasai I am very sorry, but I must cancel our appointment for February 27.


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