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~の noun / noun:

  • ordinary; common; usual
  • free of charge - only 只
  • unaffected; as is; safe - usu. as ただでは...


  • only; merely; just; simply


  • but; however; nevertheless - esp. 但

kimihaただtadasarawo洗いaraiさえすればsaesurebaいいii All you have to do is wash the dishes.

watashihaそのsono切符kippuwoただtadade手にいれたteniireta I got the tickets for free.

ただtada面白いomoshiroiブログBUROGUwo書くkakuためにtamenihitonoブログBUROGUwo読むyomunoならnara今日kyouからkara出来るdekiru However, if you're going to read people's blogs in order to write an interesting blog, you can do that right away.

彼女のkanojonokaono美しさutsukushisanibokuhaただtada見とれていたmitoreteita I was simply entranced by the beauty of her face.


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