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おすosu Inflection

godan ~す verb / transitive:

  • to push; to press 押す
  • to apply pressure from above; to press down 押す・圧す
  • to stamp (i.e. a passport); to apply a seal 押す・捺す 判を押す
  • to affix (e.g. gold leaf) 押す
  • to press (someone for something); to urge; to compel; to influence 押す
  • to overwhelm; to overpower; to repress 押す・圧す
  • to push (events along); to advance (a plan) 押す
  • to do in spite of ...; to do even though ...; to force 押す
  • to make sure 押す 念を押す【ねんをおす】駄目を押す【だめをおす】
  • to be pressed for time 押す
  • to advance troops; to attack 押す
  • (of light) to be diffused across an entire surface 押す

ボタンBOTANwo押すosuだけdakede出窓demadohaあくaku You have only to push the button to open the bay window.

シャッターSHATTAAwo押すosuだけdakede最新のsaishinnoテクノロジーTEKUNOROJIIgaキレイなKIREIna一枚ni仕上げますshiagemasu Just press the button and a clear photo will be produced by the latest technology.

クリックKURIKKUマウスMAUSUno左側hidarigawanoボタンBOTANwo素早くsubayaku一回プチッとPUCHItto押すosukotoですdesu Click: Quickly pushing the mouse's left hand side button once.


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