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  • Java sparrow; Java rice finch (Lonchura oryzivora, Padda oryzivora)

其のsonohihanichi淋しいsabishiiペンPENnootowo聞いkiite暮しkurashita其のsonomaniha折々oriori千代chiyo々々to云うiukoemo聞えkikoeta文鳥bunchoumo淋しいsabishiiからkara鳴くnakunodehaなかろnakaroukato考えkangaeta然しshikashi縁側engawahedete見るmiruto、二honno留りtomari木の間konomawo彼方kanatahe飛んtonだりdari、此方he飛んtonだりdari絶間taemaなくnaku行きikitsu戻りmodoritsushiteいるiru少しsukoshimo不平fuheiらしいrashii様子yousuhaなかっnakata I spent that day listening to the lonely scrapings of a pen. During that time, from time to time, I heard a Java sparrow twittering. It occurred to me that maybe Java sparrows twitter out of loneliness too. I walked out to the veranda to see. Nevertheless, flying to and fro between two perches busily and incessantly, it did not show the slightest hint of grievance.


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