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よぶyobuirr. Inflection

godan ~ぶ verb / transitive:

  • to call out (to); to call; to invoke
  • to summon (a doctor, etc.)
  • to invite
  • to designate; to name; to brand
  • to garner (support, etc.); to gather
  • to take as one's wife - archaism 娶る

あなたanatawoケパKEPAto呼ぶyobuことにしますkotonishimasu You will be called Cephas.

結婚式kekkonshikidehaあまりにamariniたくさんtakusannoごちそうgochisouga出さdasaretaのでnode新郎shinrou新婦shinpuhaもっとmotto多くookunohitowo呼ぶyobuべきbekiだっdatakanato思いomoi始めhajimeta Food and drink were served in such profusion at the wedding that the bride and groom began to wonder if they should not have invited more guests.

ひんぱんにhinpanni吐血toketsuするsuru場合baaiha救急車kyuukyuushawo呼ぶyobuka近くchikakuno内科医naikaini往診oushinしてshiteもらうmorau If you frequently spit-up blood you should call an ambulance or have a nearby physician make a house call.

こきゅうkokyuu Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • breathing; respiration


  • knack; trick; secret (of doing something)
  • harmony; balance; synchronization; accord
  • short interval; short pause 一呼吸

呼吸kokyuuha Is he breathing?

英語eigono発音hatsuonno呼吸kokyuugaなかなかnakanaka飲み込めないnomikomenai I still can't get the knack of English pronunciation.

よびかけるyobikakeru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to call out to; to hail; to address
  • to appeal
よびだすyobidasu Inflection

godan ~す verb / transitive:

  • to summon; to call (e.g. phone); to convene; to decoy; to lure
  • to invoke (e.g. subroutine); to call; to open (e.g. a file) - IT term
よびとめるyobitomeru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to challenge; to call somebody to halt


  • call; appeal
こおうkoou Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • hailing each other
  • acting in concert; responding (to); sympathizing (with)
  • agreement; concord - Linguistics term


  • popular name; common name; given name

このkono先生senseihaおじさんojisanというtoiu呼び名yobinade通っているkayotteiru This teacher goes by the name of "Pops."





  • respiratory organs
こしょうkoshou Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • naming; giving a name; designation; denomination

noun or verb acting prenominally:

  • nominal

日本海nihonkai呼称koshou問題mondaitoha世界中sekaijuuno地図chizuからkara日本海nihonkaiというtoiu呼称koshouwo消しkeshi、「東海toukaini書き換えよkakikaeyoutoするsuru問題mondaideあるaru The Sea of Japan naming dispute revolves around efforts to remove 'Sea of Japan' from the world's maps and replace it with 'East Sea'.

よびだしyobidashiirr. Inflection

noun / ~する noun:


  • usher who calls the names of wrestlers, sweeps the ring, etc. - Sumo term
  • telephone number at which a person without a telephone can be reached - abbreviation 呼び出し電話
  • box-shaped area containing clean water for rinsing oneself (in an Edo-period bathhouse) - archaism 陸湯
  • high-ranking prostitute in the Yoshiwara district (Edo period) - archaism
  • unlicensed prostitute in the Fukagawa red-light district (Edo period) - archaism

呼び出しyobidashiwoお願いしますonegaishimasu I'd like to page someone.



  • pump-priming; rousing; stimulation


  • call; hail; yell

taniha彼のkareno呼び声yobigoedeこだまkodamaしたshita The valley echoed with his call.

よびもどすyobimodosu Inflection

godan ~す verb / transitive:

  • to call back; to call home


  • main attraction; special feature; big draw

そのsonoショーSHOOha今夜kon'yano番組bangumino大きなookina呼び物yobimonoになるninaru The show will be a great feature of tonight's program.

よびよせるyobiyoseru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to call; to summon; to send for; to call together
よびおこすyobiokosu Inflection

godan ~す verb / transitive:

  • to wake someone (by calling for them); to awaken
  • to call (to mind); to remember

戦いtatakaiha人間ningenno獣性juuseiwoよびおこすyobiokosu War arouses the animal in man.

よびこむyobikomu Inflection

godan ~む verb / transitive:

タトエバTATOEBAniもっとmotto日本語nihongo話者washawo呼び込むyobikomu方法houhouhaないnaiものmonoでしょdeshouka I wonder if there's some way of attracting more Japanese speakers to Tatoeba?

よばわりyobawari Inflection

suffix noun / ~する noun:

  • denouncing; calling (e.g. somebody a thief); branding (as)

多くookuno科学者kagakushaha世間sekenni変人henjin呼ばわりyobawariされているsareteiru Many scientists have the reputation of being eccentric.

よびこみyobikomi Inflection


  • barker; tout; hawker; someone who attempts to attract patrons to entertainment events, shops, bars, and such, by exhorting passing public

~する noun:

  • calling out to potential customers


  • pulmonology; pneumology; respirology


  • ringtone; ring tone
  • ringback tone; ringing tone


  • respiratory function

泳者eishano呼吸機能kokyuukinouno特性tokuseiについてnitsuite Concerning the characteristics of respiratory function in swimmers.



  • announcement calling for someone (e.g. "would XX please come to the ticket counter")

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